Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Yesterday...bad..then good..

..and today..better again!

I don't know how many of you are on Facebook or have me as a "friend" so this may be a repeat of what I talked about yesterday..but for those who aren't, and have no idea about this weed..I think it may be worth repeating..

I guess there is a weed called foxtail that is prevalent west of the Mississippi..and it is very dangerous to dogs and cats {and I would imagine any animal or even small children..or big me}

"Depending on the location of the seed or seeds, other symptoms are compulsive licking and biting at a paw or around the groin or rectal area or whining and crying with no obvious or acute injury.

In addition to causing pain and localized infections, foxtail seeds can migrate and lodge in the spine, in the lungs and in other internal organs. They enter through the nose, ears, paws, eyes, urethra or just through the skin and travel through the body The seeds are very small, making locating them a painful, difficult and expensive procedure. Depending on where a foxtail seed has traveled to inside a dog, it can even be life threatening and will require prompt surgical removal."
{ from: }

They (the weed) had a seeds that has spikes that when caught on the pads of their (the animals) feet, enter the body and are like fish hooks..they sort of open and the barbs make it impossible {or at least very painful..} to pull out..then they can actually travel through the body..

{poor baby! Left paw..IV location ..he also has a bennign wart removed from his hip..and unfortunately, during his dental (which they decided to do since he wasalready  sedated..) they found they needed to remove several teeth..ShihTzu's have a overbite that can cause teeth his age..12 years. :-( ...

Although we try to take care in walking the pups on sidewalks and clean areas, Braxton picked up one of these in his foot...maybe Sunday?..and was licking and pulling on something in his paw.  Because I didn't know anything about this weed, I thought he maybe he was just grooming..or had a sore paw {understatement} and developed a limp..

We decided to take him to the vet and then learned all about this summer weed.  Braxton had to have surgery to remove the "seed"..

So, please consider this a Public Service Announcement..please watch out for these weeds..

..and I have been really concerned with our little neighborhood and the lack of maintenance of some yards and property..with weeds {such as this} can grow in abundance.  City code states weeds cannot be more than 6 inches in height..some are up to my waist! 

And yes, I know, we've had a wet spring..and people have busy lives..but so do we.  And Mr. B takes care and pride in our yard. He works from 5am until 4:30pm every day Monday through Friday..yet our lawn is taken care of..

So, I will be contacting the code enforcement people with my issues, with maybe no other dog, cat, animal or child {big or little} will have to go through this..

Anyway..this photo comes from and I just love it! I want a tent like this..

Have a good rest of the week..and please pass this info on the weed to anyone you can..

Time for Braxton's pain pill..



Kim~HomeIsWhereTheHeartIs said...

Oh sorry to hear about Braxton :( Hope he gets to feeling better soon!

Breezy said...

Oh Colleen I am so sorry for Braxton!
Keep us posted on his progress.
I will definitely keep my eyes open for that weed


Jillian said...

Good for you for passing along that information to the code enforcement! They should be aware of it, especially to help avoid that kind of trouble for other pets. I'm proud of you :)

Tina said...

Awe..poor thing. That must have been pretty painful. Glad he's doing better!

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

WOW! Thank you for this info! Around here, they use this damn thing, as a decorative planting! Yikes!!!

And I've thought it pretty, and wondered what it is! Yikes!

And now I know! And will not, not, not *lust* over this damn plant.

Oh your pooooor dogggggie! How many dogs have this, and never get care? I get shivers thinking...


rharper said...

Awwwwww....I want to just bring him a balloon to cheer him up. Po' little guy. When I took that picture of Salt Lake (wait it isn't up yet...tomorrow) I was in the weeds up on the hills by Ensign Peak and wondered then if those were Foxtails. You'll have to check it tomorrow (I think) and let me know.

Pen Pen said...

Oh my! Poor Braxton... what a week! I don't know about foxtails and don't know if we have them here, but I plan to check. Give Braxton a sweet kiss from me and Butterbean.

Pearl said...

Poor Braxton I feel so sorry for him, but thanks for the heads up to people we have fields up here so its real dangerous. Here's to a speedy recovery for your baby!

madrekarin said...

Poor Braxton! Smart you to take him to the vet. Who would have thought something so fluffy and sweet could be so dangerous? Thanks for the heads up, Colleen. :)

susan said...

Thanks for the reminder Colleen. I always forget about those buggers and they're everywhere here. Love to Braxton and a speedy recovery.

Vee said...

We have something that looks like that here. I will be extra cautious now that I know this story. Ittle Bitty hugs for Braxton...poor little guy.

Laurie said...

I never knew this Colleen, thanks for the valuable info, and I hope Braxton feels better soon!
And thank-you for your comments on my memory quilt. I've made so many, but this is still a favorite, I guess it's the subject matter!

Vicki aka Jake said...

Finally hearing the rest of the story...I don't get on FB much anymore.

I see these all over Utah and never knew all this. Glad Braxton is healing. He's blessed to have a mommie who cares.

Have a safe weekend and watch where you step.....

Melinda Cornish said...

holy cow...we have these all over and I walk cooper along the canal all the time...thanks so much for the warning!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Poor baby. That is so sad. Hope he is doing better now. Thanks for the Public Service Announcement.

eef said...

we had a field next to our house when i was a kid, and these grew there, and i got one of the seeds in my eye! it was in there overnight and we couldn't get it out until the next day. to this day my family jokes about the time i got the field (as in, the entire field) stuck in my eye.

i hope braxton is feeling better! =[ poor doggy!