Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Weird Wednesday Whitings..uh..Writings.. I have Wednesdays off..and today was wash-day-Wednesday  for me.

Along with the ever-time-consuming-and-pain-in-the-arse-clean-sweeping of the art room..which, I may have finished by 3 years..

I found some long-ago put up scrapbooks that I made in the height of the scrapbook-making-crafting-era of the past 12 years..

Pages of Brian and Alyssa pre-Emily days..

Pages of Charlie & MaryKate, our 2 beloved dogs who passed away within 2 months of each other..

Pages of Larry, his kids when they were "kiddos"..a photo of a tall big brother and his short bald-headed chemo ridden little sister, me..

An email I saved written by Larry on the 18th of September 2001..just over 2 weeks after the attack on the USA..explaining to how he was feeling about the whole thing..he was still teaching at the University of Arizona..

So, there I sat..folding clean sweet-smelling laundry..crying and re-living sweet/sad memories and feeling grateful that I did scrapbook back then..

The holidays..the grands from their elementary days ..and baby days..the pups..the house in various stages of remodel..{still??}

Before I know it, Mr. B was home and I was out of "day off" ..huh..where'd the time go..

Got a new camera at Costco and took it to Arizona before I really got a chance to get to know it..

They have some aWeSomE features now on "point-n-shoot" cameras..

Just look at what I found on the drawing setting..

Close up of curtains..

Our living room..


Lulu in the front window..

..and again..

 our corner table..

 {for those asking about the's a small Olympus - HD 10X Super Wide (I'm taking this from the camera itself..) 14 megapixels  and we got it at Costco for well under $200..I can't remember how much exactly }

...and some fun shots taken today..


So anyway..remember a few years ago we had a hummingbird nest under the eves in the back yard?


we have another one!!!!

I'd like to think it's Gracie that came back home {although after the second year, I gently removed the nest and have it under glass in the house}

We are now officially on " Hummer Watch 2011"..

Yay! I am sooo excited!

..and here's the NEW nest..

How was YOUR Wednesday?  Hope you enjoyed yours as much as I did mine..



Pearl said...

Fun post so glad to see the bird back to build his nest. Love the pics of your craft room that way I get to actually see a craft you made! And the camara you have is cool with the drawings. I like these special apps they give us know. Always glad when Wednesdays roll around. Hugs, Pearl

Karen said...

I can hardly wait until we move and I have a craft room too!

Linda Chapman said...

What a delicious post!! I enjoyed every word and each picture! Loved that drawing setting!

Vicki aka Jake said...

Boy, was that fun catching up on here! Been gone myself, just not on a road trip....
Love the bubbles in Vegas, the birdies, the grandgirlie and the look on Lulu's face:) Oh and the Zumba, I soooo need to find someone doing it here...not! Anyway, I think we may have a lunch date coming up soon? Let me know if I'm right...

Lucy (aka rharper) said...

Ok what kind of camera did you get. I just got a new one and I'm thinking . . . . I'm just not smart enough for it. So - I'm learning. I need a class and a hands on teacher. Well - not that kind of hands on teacher but you know what I mean. I'm leaving Friday for Utah/Idaho territory. :)

Lucy (aka rharper) said...

Next Friday I mean. (17th)

DUTA said...

I particularly like the drawings.
Enjoy your new camera!

Ming said...

Like the features of your new camera... you can get some pretty cool images! How was my Wednesday???? Worked a long day, came home to have some take out, put on jammies and went to bed... looks like yours was far more fun!

eef said...

whoa, can i come play in your art room?

Vee said...

Your description of the day mirrors many of my own. I get wandering down Memory Lane sometimes laughing sometimes crying and soon the day is gone *poof.* I'm so glad that you saved email. I have a beautiful tribute to my grandfather on email and I hadn't thought to just print it off. How silly. I'll do that today.

Your home looks so artsy! What a fun feature and I'm glad that another hummer has found you. She knows she'll be safe there with Mr. and Mrs. B.

Pen Pen said...

Welcome home to your little bird... I love the drawing setting on your camera. My first thought was: oooh.... you could embroider that picture!! I will definitely look for that feature on my next camera. Glad you enjoyed your day off... nothing like a day of memories!

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

A camera with a "drawing" setting! How cool is that?!?

What kind of camera please?

But now that I've seen inside pics, done in "drawings," please I'd like to see the regular pics? Please and thank you. :-)


Sue said...

Great post Colleen! Isn't it funny how off-days can change so quickly once hubby comes home? Love the images - especially your little pup!


Debby@Just Breathe said...

So glad you have those scrapbooks that you made. That is a cool setting on your camera. I go to photobucket to do that. I love Olympus cameras. My first point & shoot was Olympus and I loved it. I still have it. Enjoy! I decided to take my canon rebel with me but maybe I should just take the two point & shoots. I love my Panasonic Lumix point & shoot.
Hooray for you, the pictures are awesome!

freebird said...

Lucky you. I've never known anyone to have a hummingbird nesting in their yard.

Neat camera!

T's Daily Treasures said...

Crapola! I just typed a long comment and it wouldn't post and disappeared. Boo! So here goes again -- your craft room is gorgeous and chock full. I know you create some crafty things but you don't often post about them. How come? That drawing setting on your camera is great -- never knew there was such a thing. Great for people and puppy photos. Your furbabies are so sweet, It's great you were scrapping when you did. It's always good to look back on old photos and cards/letters from a special time. Have a great weekend. Tammy