Sunday, June 19, 2011


Seriously.  Not again.  Too much work..too little monetary rewards....however...
.....there were a LOT of "soul rewards"

* telling 2 neighbors that are having a difficult single-parenthood-divorce-type-lives to shop for anything they money required..{ recliner excluded..and it's now in my "reading/art room}

* telling a few wide-eyes children they could have their choice of stuffed animals ONLY if they promised to love them and take care of them..

* giving good deals to some customers who looked as if they could use a littler break

* having a visit with one of my great blogging friends {waving hi to Gail & Larry!}

* spending a bright sunny day with my son & his wife..just talking, laughing ..and not being interrupted with all those customers wildly waving money at us..LOL

* loading up all of the "left-overs" and driving them to DI (thrift store) and never seeing them in my house again..

* getting a renewed sense of purpose to make another pass-through the art room and box up even go directly to not stop and do not pass go..and do NOT save for another yard sale..

{this is 'Junior'..the neighborhood cat..}

{even Junior was un-interested..}

{until he found a sunny place in the yard to sunbathe.."you do realize you're in my sunshine, right??" }

Today was a complete "rest" day..these things really take the wind out of my sails and it does take a day to recuperate..and even though it was Father's Day..Mr. B took care of me!

Gotta love that man!  And I DO :-)



Sue said...

Yard sales ARE a lot of work (probably why I have not had one in years). I'm sorry yours did not go better Colleen, but it sounds like you still had a rewarding and fun day!



Pearl said...

I agree all that work and all you hear is .25 ! Ugh You did a great thing kid!

ain't for city gals said...

Sounds like you had a few 'priceless" moments and you got rid of alot of stuff...why do we ever get that stuff in the first place?? No more..

Tina said...

I just had my yard sale last weekend. I did pretty good and did end up giving some things a a newlywed couple. I gave my leftovers to the Salvation Army. Couldn't imagine bringing it back in the house!!

Karen said...

I would have taken that recliner!! Oh well...the shipping would have been a bit expensive. I think instead of a yard sale, we should just have a "give it away for free" sale. At least you wouldn't have to find a place for all the leftover "stuff".

T's Daily Treasures said...

Yea for you! Sounds like you were a blessing to many and got rid of all the stuff you don't need. I did a bit of purging and organizing the other day and it felt great to clean up a few areas in my bedroom that were a mess. Much more to do though. Have a great new week. Tammy

Vee said...

Your rewards sound great. Truly. You are a dear lady. Never a doubt in my mind about that so it's no wonder that Mr. B. loves to take good care of you.

Colleen, I'm hauling stuff in faster than a little haven can stand. I can NOT part with these antiques and treasures unless they go to someone in the family. I've become a manipulative auntie and a horrible mother. "Of course you want that. It was your great-great-great grandmother's and it's ahdoorahbull!" Lots of rolling eyes over here. Lots.

Vicki aka Jake said...

HAHA, Nevermore for sure!! I say that after every yard sale I have too. But eventually we listen...

Ok, busy weekend over. Time for a bloggy friend get together, lets talk :):)

just call me jo said...

You're such a kind, soft-hearted lady. I'm sure your emotional gains far outweighed your monetary ones. As it should be...Clean out that clutter! Yard sales are just exhausting at best.

lifeinredshoes said...

Good job on the yard sale, and yes, blessings are worth more than money:)
Where and when is the meet up on Wednesday?

susan said...

You know it's funny, as fast as things pile up - if everyone decided to share the things they don't use, we probably wouldn't have to go shopping ever again. I had a yard sale last August but only made one trip to the thrift store so I still have a whole garage full of stuff I don't use. Congratulations.

Breezy said...

Colleen~ it was great to see you on Saturday. Yard sales are fun but sooo much work.
I am looking forward to the luncheon on Wednesday.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I have only done a sale when it was absolutely necessary when we were moving. I don't like having them and I don't like going to them.