Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I'm off on Wednesdays... sleeping in should be a treat.

Should be. should..right?

But, I dunno..this sounds even sillier as I write's not as fun, knowwhatimean?

I don't think there's a better feeling than having to be somewhere..and making the decision not to..heehee

{yes..sometimes I can be like a blue-eyed jack-a...mule..}

I always want that 5 extra 30 extra minutes on workday mornings.  But on Wednesdays..I find myself watching movies or being on the computer, or cleaning at 5am..after Mr. B leaves for work.

{me and Brandi..she sure can sleep!!}

But watch out on Thursday..I'm falling asleep in my oatmeal...and rushing out the door at 8:30..

What's up with that?

I think it may be my inner-child brat coming out...again..

{see me peeking out from my Mother??}

How about you? Can you do things that you want to do when you can't..when you can? ..{huh??}

Oh don't act like you don't know what I know?



diane b said...

You have beautiful Irish eyes. I have been retired for four years and I love waking up knowing that I don't have to go to work but there are a lot of other places I have to be on some days. (The butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker)(More like the doctor, the dentist and the physiotherapist.) I really enjoy taking time over breakfast, reading the paper and doing the crossword and not having to rush off to work. I try to plan a list of chores to be done each day before allowing myself to play on my computer.
What I do notice though is that when there is no urgency to get things done like when working and time is always short, I don't get things done as fast. In other words I used to fit a lot more into the day when I was working.
Often it does happen when you have time to sleep in one can't but when you have to be up early one can sleep forever. Enjoy your Wednesdays, early or late.

freebird said...

On the rare one or two days a year that I have to myself I think I will get all kinds of projects going or the house cleaned or something. I end up talking to my sisters on the telephone and almost nothing else done. Oh well, I enjoy talking to them without my husband within earshot.

Vee said...

Oh I do hope you find a way to delight in Wednesdays. Perhaps a morning class that gets you up and outta there and then gives you the rest of the day for your own pursuits. As for cleaning the house, how about just a portion of the day? A small portion. Teeny, tiny, wee portion. (Yes, I have a rebellious side that just isn't pretty after all these years.)

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Pretty new Header picture!

I know what you mean, but can't think of any examples. Other than my daily afternoon nap.... Some days I so want to fall asleep, and I can't. Why? Why other days, I do fall asleep?

Don't know if that fits exactly, but...


Emmy said...

When my little brother was still in grade school, you couldn't pry him out of bed with a crowbar most mornings...but all you had to do was mention "snow day" in passing, and he would be suddenly awake. I used to think he was faking, but as I've gotten older, I think there must be something about NOT having to get up that makes us want to get up.

(As for me, I want to sleep whether I can or cannot. It doesn't matter :P)

just call me jo said...

I know exactly what you mean. I can't sleep in on Saturday even when I try. It just gives me a headache. Maybe it's our contrariness. We just want to do what we're not required to. And when we're expected to do something we don't. Seems simple to me. Yes, header is lovely. As are you, blue-eyed mule friend.

Joyce said...

Having the daughter and the grandchildren living here makes sleeping in is a fantasy. Wanting to do anything you want when you want is a dream. I love them unconditionally but I hope to live long enough to enjoy an empty nest.

Vicki aka Jake said...

I pretty much do what i want when I home anyway. Cause I can..

Love that little peeking you :)

Laurie said...

Ummmmmmmmmmmm... I don't know how to answer that! I just always seem to be in the mood to do certain things, like sitting down with my crafts or working in the gardens, when I can't at the time or int the middle of something else, then when I have the chance, I don't feel like it.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I am home almost everyday and up by 7am. Tuesday's I have to go to bowling and OMG I want to just sleep in. What's up with that?