Thursday, May 26, 2011

Happy Graduation Connor!

Back from sunny Arizona and a wonderful time with my grandson, Connor, as he graduated from high school.

Which is a feat in itself..have you seen what they teach now? I was blown away by what Ella was learning in the first grade..can you imagine what being a senior in high school is like??

There's some serious learning going on there...and Connor received all A's and one B...great huh?

Yeah, really great.  And we couldn't be prouder..and more deeply touched by this young man..

You see, Connor has.. Asperger's syndrome

By Mayo Clinic staff
Asperger's syndrome is a developmental disorder that affects a person's ability to socialize and communicate effectively with others. Children with Asperger's syndrome typically exhibit social awkwardness and an all-absorbing interest in specific topics.
Doctors group Asperger's syndrome with other conditions that are called autistic spectrum disorders or pervasive developmental disorders. These disorders all involve problems with social skills and communication. Asperger's syndrome is generally thought to be at the milder end of this spectrum.

So, while the other seniors were worried about what new shoes to get or what so-in-so said in the hallway, Connor had different obstacles to conquer..

And conquer he did..

Connor the Conquer!!

He has been through a lot..and he has overcome a lot..and he is loved... a lot.  His Mom has done an amazing job raising Connor and his sister, Chauntel basically by herself..

His Mom and my son are divorced but she is a part of the family and always will be.  Just because it wasn't the right situation for them..doesn't mean I can't have a relationship with her :-)

Anyway, it was sooo wonderful to see him up there, cap and gown, with a new girlfriend to boot!

This is Connor & Morgan..aren't they adorable??

Connor being hugged by his sister, Chauntel..

 And of course, you can't forget Grammie and Aunt Gerri..

While there, I was so lucky to have had lunch with BOTH of my GRANDsons..

Brian and Connor..

..ahh..aren't they a coupla good lookin' kids??

Connor loves anything NASCAR, so when he spotted these guys at the restaurant we were having lunch at..well...

he was one happy graduate..and this restaurant was new to him and in walking distance from his home :-)

Connor has an interest in photography and wants to go to the Junior College to take some photography classes..

He is bright and kind and brave..and I wish for him...

Comfort on difficult days,
smiles when sadness intrudes..
rainbows to follow the clouds,
laughter to kiss your lips,
sunsets to warm your heart,
hugs when your spirit sags,
beauty for your eyes to see, 
friendship to brighten your being, 
faith so you can believe, 
confidence for when you doubt,
courage to know yourself,
patience to accept the truth, 
love to complete your life.

             -author unknown {wish it were me..because it says exactly what's in my heart..}

Love you Connor..and love you Brian,



Debby@Just Breathe said...

Congratulations to Connor. How proud you must all be. Awesome grades! WAY TO GO CONNOR....
How sweet that he has a girlfriend too. Sounds like his mom did do an excellent job with him.

Pearl said...

Way to go Conner! Congratulations and I wish the best for you! Nice looking girlfriend too.

Mellodee said...

Many kids find high school and the teen years both the best and the worst and most feel proud to arrive at that moment that says, "You did it! You made it through and the world lays open before you! When those kids have special challenges, the accomplishment and the pride is increased exponentially!

Congratulations Connor! Great work!

Karen said...

What a beautiful story. You should be so proud of Connor...what an outstanding young man. I hope and pray for smooth sailing and much happiness for him.

Vee said...

What an inspiring post today! It touches my heart. Connor has done you proud and, yes, both your grandsons are great looking kids. All the best to Connor as he explores photography and whatever he would like to do.

freebird said...

This is so good to hear. He sounds like he's going to do fine. My grandson has multiple learning disabilities with ADHD as the major one and he's down at the serious end of the scale. He isn't doing as well as your Connor getting Ds mainly except for this last semester of his Junior year when his mom home-schooled him. He can learn but it takes one on one educating. He has no trouble socializing although his sister who has Selective Mutism (she literally can't talk to strangers) is going to have a tough time with it. It's good to know someone who has made it in spite of his disability and is moving ahead with higher education.

Jennie said...

Congratulations to Connor. I can't imagine how proud you are. My nephew was diagnosed with Asperger's a few months ago; he's 8 and now being home-schooled after a few incidents. His Mom is a trooper and I'm going to share your blog with her for inspiration. Sometimes she feels all alone on this rollercoaster.

Thanks so much and a big congratulations to Connor. You've a beautiful family!


Holly said...

Yes, you are right, they are gorgeous boys! Congrats Conner! What an awesome man. I also think your relationship with your daughter in law is wonderful. Would have loved to have met you when you were here, maybe next time. Have a great day!

diane b said...

I can see why you are one proud grammie. He has done so well to cope with his problem. Good marks and a girlfriend. I wish him all the best for the future too.

Pat MacKenzie said...

How proud you are of Connor and his accomplishments. It's good to know that these developmental syndromes can be worked with and with such beautiful results. My 9 year old grandson is profoundly autistic but the services available for him here in Alberta are wonderful and allow us to have hope for his future. Congratulations to Connor and his mother.

Jillian said...

Wahoo! Congrats to them for such a great accomplishment!

T's Daily Treasures said...

Congrats to Connor! One of my best friends has a son with Aspergers. He is in 8th grade and does really well in school. It's the social side of things that gives him a hard time although he is very outgoing and will talk your ear off especially when he finds that one subject that he wants to inform you about. :) James Durbin from American Idol has Asperger's and Turrets and we see what he has accomplished. An amazing singer! Everyone has great potential and talent no matter what. Now if I could get my 10th grader to put a little more effort into his studies. He's making no where near those kinda grades. :/ Have a great weekend. Tammy

Vicki aka Jake said...

What an amazing family you have Colleen. Quite an accomplishment:) I see Connor going pretty far in his life..awesome! Their G'ma is pretty dang special too. I'm sure they know that. Glad you went, glad you're back. Have a safe weekend, and try to stay dry...

Sharon said...

My hats off to you Connor, congrats!! But you know what you are also so lucky to have such a great grandma. I think she is a whole lot of fun all rolled into one.

Dapoppins said...

Kids are graduating already? Where has the time gone! Love seeing pictures of proud you with your proud grandsons!

Lynette Killam said...

Oh, this is a lovely post, Colleen...yay Connor! What a remarkable young man...he clearly has his Grammie's spirit! Aren't you lucky indeed to have two wonderful must be so proud of them both. The poem you posted says it perfectly...all the things we wish for them...all the pain we would spare them if only we could!

I do hope Connor gets to take his photography courses. I've always meant to, and haven't, but I have learned for myself that seeing the world through a camera lens can clarify things and heighten the ability to appreciate details that so many people overlook. Connor would find it wonderful way to explore his life and record his impressions of it.

I didn't mean to natter on, Colleen...I just found this story so inspiring...thanks for sharing it with us...: