Thursday, February 3, 2011

What a far..let's see what Friday brings....

As you may or may not remember..I work in Customer Service.

And, I think there must be a full moon..or a full sun...or something, because we've had some real emails, on the phones and on "live chat"..

Yesteday..a man was angry because his test results were not as he expected so he wanted his money back..

Hmmm..he ordered a test, we did the test..he didn't like the results, so he thought he should get his money back?

I tried to help him realize the information was good and rich with research that could help..sent him information and helpful documents ...tried to explain the results..and while this correspondence was going back & forth on email..he told me he was "putting curses on your company that will be multiplied by 4 times":..

Curse methods (for evil revenge purposes only):
- Burying an egg on a person’s land

- Writing a curse on a lead tablet and placing it inside a tomb

- Throwing a wax figure of the person in a fire

- Pointing a spirit bone at someone

- Placing a billy goat in their path

- Leaving a few pennies on their doorstep

I wrote back "Curses, {customer's name}, really? " and ended with "Bless your heart.."

He then wrote back telling me "you reap what you sow.." yadda yadda..

"Oh, Karma! I get it :-) "

Can't please everyone all the time I guess..but I may worry if I pull into the parking lot and see 4 billy goats... 4 eggs  or 4 pennies..

..and please keep your spirit bone to yourself thankyouverymuch..

Like the guy today..on live chat..from Sweden {!)..

After a good chat and helpful information given in my normally-good-natured-way..

He types.."You're cute.."

I said , "Yes. I am. Cute"

He says," I'm on Facebook...would you be my friend on Facebook?" I'm a Grandma..a cute Grandma..but a Grandma..

{he had stated earlier he was 37..}

He says, "That's OK!"

" But I do love your cheese.  And chocolate."

"That's Switzerland...not Sweden..."

"Oh. Sorry.  I love your fish.."

{good thing I didn't mention the knives...}

Everyday a challenge. Every day a nut-case.  Life's good..

And everyday is one day closer to retirement ;-D not the picture..that's not me..YET ;-)


Pearl said...

See I knew you still had it women! 37? oh my. So much fun working with irational people. Just keep on thinking about the sweet ones. Smile!

Laurie said...

It takes all kinds I guess Colleen! I was thrilled with ours! Maybe a little more sane this week-end for ya!

diane b said...

You can't please all the people all of the time is right. You handled it very well. I would hate to have to deal with those sort of people.
I sort of understand the Swiss /Swedish mistake with Bill being Swiss he gets annoyed when people think he is from Sweden instead of Switzerland. He loves cheese, chocolate and he has a Swiss army knife.

Lucy (aka rharper) said...

Swedish Fish actually come from Sweden?? I just figured China had that monopoly along with everything else they have. Well what do I care. I don't even like them.

Funny post. One of these days probably closer to summer (Idaho is way too cold to see my dad right now) I'm coming up. Be prepared for a fun lunch date!!

Ming said...

Ah, Colleen, the crosses we must bear! LOL. I've always said there's a fine line between crying and laughing, and like you, I choose to laugh (most of the time) because I look horrible when I cry!

Keep up the good work with the nuts of the world and may you find a single penny, heads up, as you enter your office today... GOOD LUCK and Happy Friday my friend.

just call me jo said...

I can just imagine you saying, "Bless your heart" to one of these whack jobs. Aren't you glad there's some distance between you and them. I'd hate to be right across the desk from these nut cases. I think there is some kind of bad mojo, for sure. But watch out for those goats and pennies just the same...

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

When people made the mistake of complaining to you, about what THEY have to put up with at work........

Betcha' they're lucky to get away, with all the hair left on their head!


Hugs and ♥'s...
'Cause Valentine Day is coming!

Sue said...

Colleen, I bet you are the most awesome of CS people! Your posts definitely illustrate always know what to say (even to 37 year old romeos LOL)


susan said...

...Can send authentic voodoo doll if you need it. Swedish guy could be a good thing, I think you should reconsider :)

Sweet Repose-Junk Revival said...

I LOVE YOUR CHEESE...what a come-on line...girl, thanks for all the info on the never know these days!!!

Have a great weekend my CWAZY fwiend!!!


Ps...I hope we're still blogging when we DO look like that...I want those earrings!

Vee said...

Hahahahaha...lawd knows I've needed a laugh. You're going to miss all this when you retire...

Debby@Just Breathe said...

My visits here are so entertaining.
I love visiting with you. Hope your having a nice weekend.