Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sometimes, I think the world is....

and other times, it seems...

But yesterday is was ..

I had had (not a stutter..I really had had..) a frantic morning.  Needed to get Mom-in-law to her new cardiologist appointment by 10:15am..

And trying to be proactive, I set myself and Mom-in-law up for thinking it was actually 10am.  Figured the extra 15 minutes for anything unexpected.

Well, one would expect to know where one is going, right?


OK, in all fairness to moi, I *THOUGHT* I knew where I was going.  After all, they said, "It's at the hospital"

And because she was just in the hospital..I didn't think to ask which hospital.

It wasn't where we were.  And I didn't figure this out until I had driven for, oh, like about a half hour, round and round the 'hospital' looking for anything with the number Suite 500 on it.

In frustration, I called the doc's office..they said...."Oh, it's by the out patient surgery. Just park there and come in :-) "

I find the out patient surgery..I pull into a parking space... it's about 2 degrees with cold wind smacking us in the face..

I pull out the  Oxygen-on-wheels, for which I have virtually no experience, and rush my poor MIL into the lobby.

Only then, when I look pathetically lost, does someone say to me...You're looking for Dr. *** ?

YES! Where is he?

"At the IHC hospital......across town."

Oh goodie.

I call the doc's office ...they tell me  "office protocol says we can only hold the appointment for 30 have like 15 to get here..where are you?"


Rush MIL back into the car followed by the  Practically toss MIL and the Oxy-mobile out on the sidewalk as the valet ( #2 has a valet..who knew??)

..and run into an open elevator ( we didn't RUN into it, like painfully, we got into it)..I am stressing...MIL is huffing {bless her irregular heart} and my blood is about boiling..when I hear...

"I read your blog"


"I READ your blog.. You have a blog, right?"

Ah, yeah. Wha? who? Huh?

I'm K  from

Oh! Hi! Sorry. {I don't think I apologized..but I meant to..}

Then the doors open to floor #4 and she was gone... and we're on our way to the cardiologist on #5 (Ohhh! the whole "Suite 500 thing! light-bulb-moment! ). ...

And the Appointment Nazi - who informs me as I gleefully announce  {grinning happily}.."WE MADE IT!:" :-)

She: { rolling eyes..grumpyness oozing} ..."You have one minute. Fill out this paperwork. " :-|

So, just when you think the day cannot get worse...someone gets in an elevator and makes it all bright and shinny! Thank you, K, for the light in my day :-)

Big world, small world..we're all in this world together..

{this is not me..nor K..just in case you were wondering..}

Now, let's go and have lunch sometime..away from the hospital!


**This, however, looks a lot like the Appointment-Nazi...**


Jillian said...

That's awesome Collen. Times FOUR! ;)

Sweet Repose-Junk Revival said...


You just have the best punchlines girl...

Jennie said...

Oh my gosh...I've had those days so I had to laugh when I read about yours. My Mom lives with me and we are always on the run to one doctor or another. Here in the DFW area of Texas our biggest hospital is Baylor. Well, there are about 1 million Baylor offices in the area so I always get lost. Well, not lost the Doctor just fails to be in the right place.

Glad you met someone that made you smile and so sorry you didn't have a chance to roll over that receptionist's pinky toe with the oxygen on wheels. LOL

Best wishes,

Pearl said...

To funny uh the appoitment nazi, think I have met her a few times.

Life is good! said...

sorry you were having such a bad day. glad i got to meet you though. it's crazy trying to figure that hospital out, it's sooo darn big. lunch would be just grand. hope all is well with your MIL! have a great week.

Vee said...

Oh, but the good news is that the "right" hospital has valet parking. Hope that you get to really chat with the one who recognized you. Your poor mil. God love her! Ha! Hope that she has a sense of humor; I suppose it'd be a requirement to have you for a daughter-in-law and I mean that in the nicest possible way. :D

susan said...

Glad you made it Colleen! Seems like I've made that same trip only sans the Mil! Also, for some reason, it scares the crap out of me when people say "I read your blog." Not that I mind exactly but once I was looking through the camera at a bunch of people and a guy in the viewfinder said: "how's it going Pitcherlady?" I almost fainted. It was like he suddenly knew all my secrets.

Dapoppins said...

snicker...appointment nazi ...heheheh-hehe!

Wow, you got to meet K, briefly? Was she with her husband?

Your famous!

Glenda said...

Love this story . . . and your sense of humor . . . and your pics! I think I've been missing out on good stuff by just now finding your blog - through the lady you met on the elevator!!

Karen said...

I can't believe they would threaten not to do your appt. because you were late! Idiots.

Laurie said...

Haaaaaaahaaaaaa!! I can't help but laugh, though I feel sorry for your MIL, glad everything worked out! At my Dr., if your 10 minutes late you have to re-schedule. Like 10 minutes is going to screw up His day!

Vicki aka Jake said...

Went to her blog and read a little about why she was at the same hospital...I think you both should go smack the old appointment hitler:)

Perhaps K will be the one to unite us in lunch....

Joycee said...

Read K, now you...we are living the same life, just different states! Appointment-Nazi...LOL!
Come visit me in Arkansas at grannymountain!

Bobbi said...

LOVE this post!! I can relate in so many ways from when I used to take care of my mom.

It was awesome that you were 'discovered' by a fellow blogger in the elevator. She is actually why I'm here because I read her post today. Both, great blogs, and I think I'll click on the 'follow' button. :)

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

What a day!!! Ugh....

I read that she met you momentarily, in a hospital elevator and I wondered why you were there. Now I know.

Glad that in all that mayhem, it even registered with you, that a fellow blogger was talking to you. Really. When I get stressed, I kind of blank stuff out. But glad you did not.

Oh, what was the result of her appointment, please? Good news I hope.


Debby@Just Breathe said...

Oh my what a day you had! I actually read about your meeting on her blog, I follow her! Love all the photos, they are perfect.
I like your type style, how did you do that? Have a nice weekend.

Neabear said...

What a crazy day! I hope that you have been able to calm down and hae a relaxing day since then. I did enjoy your post though!


Melinda Cornish said...

I have missed you...I needed a good are my favorite kind of nut and that is a compliment!!!!!!