Sunday, February 20, 2011

OK, so you see what happened is...

I got a new phone.  Well, it's more like a mini-mini-computer.
And I love it. 

And it's been taking me a while to know just how much smarter this smart-phone is..than me.


It can do everything except boil water for tea..that's probably why I'm still here..I am needed { or I just haven't found the app for that...}

So, I sit and try to learn, and get distracted by all the free apps I can get..and all the reading I can do for free...Kindle app!

and the games to play..

and the pedometer I need to download..

and, oh, is that a talking cat app?

Yep..".we have an app for that..."


It's been really windy here..gray.... and windy.

So windy that as I was walking the pups today in the deep woods..wooded area..OK..a few treas along the sidewalk trail....

I saw several bigger branches that had been blown off. Eek.

Then I heard it..the wind through the trees..

and something more.....a creaking sort of a rocking chair being rocked slowly...creeeek creeek

I came to the startling conclusion that the sound was the tree creakin'....

and I'm walking right beneath it..

and it's freakin' creakin...!!

So what do I do?  Stop.  And look...UP.

and the tree is freakin' creaking' !??

now I ask you...what sort of idiot look UP in the direction of a creekin' tree branch ?

this sort it truly.

Coulda lost an eye..or a face..but noooo, you'd think I'd be smarter than that, eh??

Uh uh...nope.

I stood fast and.... slammed my eyes shut ..{like my eyebrows would be enough to fend off any errant branches traveling at the speed of...wind..}

Figured I needed to say a  moster big thank you for letting me arrive home safely.

So, thank you Oh Powerful One..

..for not letting me be killed by the freakin' creakin' trees..and arriving home unscathed..and maybe a wee bit smarter..


probably not.

Well have a good and safe Sunday and I'll try to be more aware of my surroundings...and 65per hour "winds of horror...scary-ness..



Ming said...

So happy you arrived home safely. Honestly, we've had a Wind Warning for the past 24 - 48 hrs with sustained winds of 50 mph...I live in an established neighborhood with lots of mature trees and I have learned not to take walks when it's windy outside. All the 'dead' wood finds its way to the streets.

Your reaction to stop and look up is an honest reaction. How'd you get a running chance if you don't look to see which way to run?

Glad you are safe and the little pups too.

Happy Sunday, I've passed the good luck onto you...cause mine has changed ;)

Breezy said...

OHHH so happy you are safe!! That creaking sound is enough to scare the beejeebers out of ya!

How is you MIL??


DUTA said...

Enjoy your new 'toy' and be careful about trees and winds!

Jennie said...

You crack me up! I would have looked up at the trees too however I may have dropped into a fetal position if they creaked too much! LOL

I hope you are well! Thanks for visiting my blog during OWOH!

I can't get used to all of the new gadgets for phones. I swear, all I want is that dang Jitterbug phone they advertise on TV. I can't handle much more than that!

Take care and best wishes to you,
Jennie and the Pekes

Sue said...

Aw Colleen - I love your posts! Even the ones where you are nearly decapitated by creaking definitely have a way with words!

That wind was horribly strong though, and Friday night when it started I was out with the dog and did the same thing you did - looked up at the creaking limbs of our birch tree - after seeing all the limbs down on the yard. Must be a menopausal lapse in smarts LOL

Enjoy your new comput-aphone!



Lucy (aka rharper) said...

Too funny. I was up on Mt. Graham a few summers ago at a cabin. I'd just parked my car and got settled when I heard that formidable 'crrrrack' and a tree fell over. FORTUNATLY my beloved car was not underneath it but it sure could have been easily. And one hasn't lived until they have heard a large tree fall onto to the earth's floor. HUGE bang when it hits.

just call me jo said...

"If a tree falls in the forest...?" You had to be there to testify whether it made a sound or not...hahahah! Guess you had to be there...Enjoy that smart phone. I'm not that updated yet. Way too advanced for me.

Vee said...

Sounds exactly like something I might have done. What else does one do in such a situation? My sister has a new phone and now she thinks I need one, too, so that I can play some weird game called ... Oh forget it, I can't remember the name of it. Anyway, enjoy the phone!

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Nevahhhhhhhhhhhhhh stand still, under a breaking branch! Mmmm, got that Honey Bun????

Especially with the *Full Moon Effect* still able to jump out at ya'! Eeeeeek!!!!!!

'Mrs. Bradley' ,-)

Joyce said...

Glad you made it home OK. I always look forward to stopping by for a giggle or two. Your posts are the best.

Pearl said...

Glad you made it home safe with out a splinter. My kids have iphones and "I WANT ONE" can't believe what they can do! The plus is it's big enough to see. Thanks for your sweet comments my friend.

Sharon said...

A visit with you is exactly what I needed. I am very glad your walk in the "deep woods" was uneventful and did not harm you. You make me smile big time. Thank you for your kind thoughts. I am getting it all together now. It was a rough time but I won't let it get me down. Thanks friend!

Laurie said...

Well I'm glad you made it home Colleen, with your eyes intact!

Vicki aka Jake said...

Well, OF COURSE you'd look up, you're adventurous :) As for the new phone, I'm envious...but then my little TRACFONE does what I need it to, so...
Hey, when I was back in Boston, cousin Russ had YELP on his phone and it was so awesomely...that's a hint:) That way you could see what place we'll meet at for lunch! Someday....

Gaston Studio said...

Is that looking up thingie sort of like the deer in the headlights? That could be bad, girl. Congrats on the new phone, it sounds awesome.

Anonymous said...

I so love the wind, Colleen, and your tale had me giggling first thing this morning! It has also burned "freakin' creakin'" into my brain...I know I'll think of it every stormy day...LOL.

So glad you liked the Utah pics...I do hope to get back there in a couple of years, and while I would not wish to impose on you, I do think you and Breezy and I could have a wonderful visit! I just met my first blogger buddies in person and it was a real treat to chat about photos and blogs and share a few laughs. Definitely, something to look forward to...

Have a great President's Day...:)