Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Old old new illness..

I have fibromyalgia.

Crummy, painful, silly, unnecessary, pain-in-the-bum dumb illness.

Hyper-sensitivity to stuff..seams in clothing,...wrinkles..ribs in my skin is sunburned..or raw..

{hey, I never typed UPHOLSTERY..weird spelling..I had to look it up...thanks Google!}

Yeah, crummy.  But not all the time.

Wish I could figure when it will hit..what I have done differently that causes it to start.  Sometimes I feel like every hair on my head is parted the wrong way... ya know?

Guess is a nerve-thingy.  With  Tylenol a few times a day..I can pretty much fake it..until someone tries to give me a hug..

Then I sort of cringe..but I love hugs.  So I don't stop them.

Life is waaaay too short to stop hugs.

Anyway...just wanted to let you know....let you know we can overcome  deal with it..if we set our minds to it..

"This too shall pass"

So, if you have this, know you are not alone.  And if you have anything that works for you..let us know. 

And if you know someone that has it, be patient, be kind and be gentle....

Just a PSA {public service announcement.. from me..}

Have less fibro-days and more huggable days  {{    }}


Oh..and can we work on seamless underwear?


Linda Chapman said...

fibromyalgia is a disease that is more common among women....however- my red neck brother was diagnosed with this several years ago. He is a real 'Red Neck' and it was bruising to his ego to have a 'woman's disease.' He still has periods of pain but has managed to live a pretty normal life for the most part. A friend of mine (female) has it and I believe the fact that she never knows when it will 'strike' is what bothers her the most. I am so sorry to hear you have this affliction!

Life is good! said...

oh, i'm soooo sorry. hope you can your seamless underwear. i think if you wear a thong there certainly can't be room for a seam. maybe you oughta try it. if you do, fibromyalga will not be your worst problem!!!!! God bless.

Sweet Repose-Junk Revival said...

I'm still laughing at the thought of a thong...that would send me TO THE MOON ALICE!!!

My condolences sister, I have it too, it's called WINTER!!! Somehow Spring just perks me right it here yet???

You will let us know on the thong progress, aye...!


Vicki aka Jake said...

Guess the only thing to top the thong thought is...Grin and Bare it...move to a nudist colony:)

So sorry to hear this Colleen, I've heard of it but don't know anyone else with it. One thing, please be careful with the Tylenol. That can bring worse nightmares...

Here's a hug...oops.

Keep smilin..

Laurie said...

I had a friend with this, and she couldn't stand taking a shower when it was acting up.
I wonder why so many women are getting this now. Is it something in the atmosphere?

Pearl said...

Sorry to hear this Colleen I have often wondered if I have this myself, I keep hearing more and more women having this, to me it seems like a nerve problem to me. You just want to crawl out of your skin! My theory is "plastics" we microwave with it, store food in it. It' a dam chemical that emits gase's. I hope we find out for sure soon. Get some silk pants with no panties!!!! ooh that fills good :)

Mellodee said...

I was diagnosed about fifteen years ago, but was one of those "Don't Have" diagnoses, don't have Parkinson's, don't have Lupus, don't have MS, etc.
so the only thing left was Fibro. Mine was pretty mild for the most part but we discovered it was tied to the amount of sleep I got. As long as I slept a full 8 hours regularly, I was fine, if it dipped below 8 for more than a day, the pain was back! I took a medicine to help me sleep (can't recall which one). I took it for about 3 years and had great sleep. The symptoms mostly went away as long as I got good sleep. Weird syndrome! It's been at bay for several years but since I retired I'm not sleeping 8 regularly anymore. Just lately (last several months) the problems have popped up again. Not too bad, but enough that I know I've got to get back to 8 hours and stay there!!

On the undies issue, there are things being made from microfiber, the seams are not nearly as bulky or annoying. It's a little hard to find, but one of the big department stores or a good lingerie shop should have it. It's worth a try!

diane b said...

OOOh That sounds awful you poor thing.I laughed about the thong suggestion. You'd be better with none at all. My mum must have had something similar although never diagnosed but she used to wear her undies inside out so that the seems didn't bother her.

Lucy (aka rharper) said...

Is THAT why I don't like hugs? I've never liked them. Nooo...probably a psyche thing.

Hope you get to feeling better fast! I know a few who have that and it's not a fun thing so my heart goes out to you. What strange diseases are out there.

just call me jo said...

I'd think a thong would be excruciating--It's like one big seam right up your butt crack--TMI?? Ok, so I won't persue that thought...Hope you find a way to live with and alleviate the fm symptons. (I can't spell fibromyalgia). cyber hugs ()

Vee said...

You have explained it so well that now I kind of understand better. (I don't think anyone could really understand unless s/he were a fellow sufferer.) A dear friend has this illness and some days I can hug her and others I get the hands up, palms out universal sign of STOP. Hugs across the miles are very gentle though...they just float in and settle gentle as a feather. See?

Breezy said...

Colleen~ I am so sorry to hear that.. I know a lady who has it and some days she seems to be doing fine.. and others well lets just say not so much. I wonder why so many people seem to be afflicted with it now.

Gentle hugs..

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Oh Dear One, I am so sorry you have this issue. I know nothing about it, other than a lot of women seem to have it. -sigh-

Wishing you all the luck in the world, to have this be a very, very short attack.

Sending just gentle Cyber hugs, which can't hurt a bit...

Lovey said...

Praying peace in your body.

ain't for city gals said...

I think this would be so hard..makes my little aches and pains seem so trivial. And from what I see on TV the drugs they want you take..the side effects are terrible. I do hope you losing weight will help and the exercise has to help but maybe doesn't seeem so at the time...

Sue said...

Colleen, I feel so bad for you! Several years ago my immune system went out of wack after a virus and I developed Transverse Myletis which has a lot of the same symptoms (plus numbness) of Fibromyalgia. After 3 -4 months I had
a 90% recovery, although I still do have some symptoms. That horrid sensitivity when even a bed sheet hurts is terrible. I hope you do not suffer too many flareups.

Sending a big and painless Hug your way!


susan said...

Hey Colleen, this is such a cruel illness, I'm sorry you have it. There is nothing nice about telling someone who is in so much pain that the answer lies in movement and exercise but that is what you will hear again and again. I hope you're able to fight through it and that your symptoms eventually pack up and clear out.

Ming said...

Colleen, nervous disorders are litterly a pain in the A$$. Hubby suffers from CRPS fka RSDS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome fka Reflex Sympythetic Dystrophy) from an injury in 1991 and our lives have been pure H-E-double hockey sticks.

You've read about his latest treatment to help with pain management (or pain free for the first time in 20 years, we hope!)

Although not the one in pain, I know how hard it is to live with someone who is suffering. It's no picnic for either party.

I wish you pain free moments and the patience needed to deal with pain when it flairs up.

Best to you.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

So sorry to hear this. ((HUGS))

Karen said...

I'm glad I can give you a cyber-hug cause you sure do need to have hugs every single day.

Jillian said...

Awww... sorry you have to go through that! I forget that you have that sometimes because you're SO good to never complain. I need to be more like you when I grow up ;)

tattytiara said...

Oh I do know people who have it, and it's definitely not something you'd wish on anybody, but I would recommend your good attitude for sure. Have many many huggable days indeed!

Dapoppins said...

I don't know anyone who has this, but golly what a thing to be surprised by a bad day and have to go to work!

You are amazing to approach it with such a sense of humor.

Lynette Killam said...

Oh, Colleen...I know only too well what you mean...I've had Chronic Fatigue/Fibromyalgia for fifteen years and am familiar with the drill. Some good days, some bad, but almost all of them challenging! I still struggle to master pacing, a measured, careful life being what my doctor says is the best help. I've always been an all or nothing gal - hate having to curtail my natural enthusiasm.

I'm currently off work on long term disability and tomorrow, I have a specialist appointment that I've waited a full year for...I'll let you know if she has anything innovative to offer.

Take very good care of yourself, Colleen. Isn't it sad indeed when even a hug hurts...:(

Imagination Lane

Connie said...
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Connie said...

Hi Colleen-
Sorry to hear about your fibro. That is why I stopped blogging -- the pain of sitting too long.
Here's a little fact I have for you. I was diagnosed at age 50, but got it at 27. The symptoms went away for the 9 months- ALL OF THEM- and 5 hours after my baby appeared, back they all came.
Find Dr. David Bell on the 'puter - he is in Lyndonville, NY and follow his work. He retired from his private practice to devote all his time to this. Travels all over the world giving lectures.
I miss not blogging, but the darn pain limits me from getting out and having fun most of the time.
You still have a great blog and sound great.
Happy St. Patrick's Day !!!