Friday, May 28, 2010


It's funny sometimes to think of words..

..of what would be the 'logical' thing to say..

Such as....why we don't say..."last day"..

I mean, we say last night..

Or why not, it's yester-day..

hmmm, weird, no?


And "hot"..thanks to Paris-mega-hotel-chain Hilton, who, by the way proves one can certainly be "too rich or too thin"..I hate the word hot..what a lazy way to express something, by popular definition, is supposed to be wonderful..

Lazy lazylazylazylazy..

"Hot" should be reserved for...Lame LAKE  Havasu AZ, {seriously - this WAS a typo...really..ah come REALLY was!} where my sister Kathy lives..can get to 127 degrees

"Hot" as in wasabi

"Hot" as in jalapeno peppers..

"Hot" as in "that's NOT a blow's a heat" in...

"That's hot" when seeing a purse..that costs more than a small country would..

"That's hot" when some one burps the alphabet..

"That's hot" when someone with no designer taste orders green shag carpet..for the walls..

OK, so maybe we need to try..picture-sign-language!

I think I've been on that road before...

It's enough to give anyone a head ache..




diane said...

Thanks for the hug. We need it as the temperature is dropping. It is 19 C /65F and for us that's cool enough for a sweater. It is not "HOT." Bill still finds some English words funny. If I say, "You need a hair cut." He replies, "Which one?"

Lucy said...

LOL! Lame Havasu!! How funny. The English language IS strange and the weird thing is, it keeps evolving. Hence, the word 'gay'. Remember when The Lone Ranger was on and in the intro the word 'yesteryear' was used. I still think that's the strangest word.

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

The English language. 'Tis innnnnnteresting, in many aspects. ,-)

Memorial Day Weekend, may it be well with you.

wendy said...

Thanks for the laugh!! And I agree about the word "Hot". Have a great weekend!

Vee said...

Your brain is hot as in smokin'...honestly, how much time do you spend thinking? (I love how you think, btw!)

Laurie said...

Hey that's the road I'm on all the time! What a funny post Colleen you always get my day started with a chuckle.

Life is good! said...

so are you telling ME that i don't have HOT FLASHES i have wonderful flashes? cause i'll knock you out for that!

Just Breathe said...

As always, very entertaining.
((HUGS)) to you too! Have a wonderful weekend, hope it's not too hot!

Sue said...

Definitely some things that make you go "hmmmmmmmmm........".

Totally agree with you on the use of

It has often been said that the English language is the hardest to learn - is it any wonder why?

Wishing you a wonderful holiday weekend.


Vicki said...


Breezy said...

LOL.. I love the word HOT!
Have a great holiday.