Monday, May 3, 2010 we go...

When you work with young(er) people, you start thinking you're like them...full of energy..can work all hours, wanna get your nose pierced, can talk and talk and talk and actually sound intelligent and not loose your place in mid-sentence..

OK, the nose thing? You know I didn't get my "60th" tattoo, right?

And Mr. B is not wild sky-diving..

{oh, like I am??}

Or the Mt. Everest climb...

..or even skateboarding..

Yeeeeeaah..and a pretty girl at work has a teensy diamond and so does Tessa, my grandson's gilry-girl..

{this is not Cayce from my offie- Cayce's  a lot prettier, but I don't have a photo of her }

{Brian & Tessa}

Wait....what? Oh yeah, they are like 20*something and I have shoes in my closet older than that..

I know, I know..."age appropriate" what's appropriate for a 60+ someone? A pimped-out walker??

Blue hair??

..stainless steel dentures??

So, yes, I had a fun {and tiring} time at the conference and met some great people..

One is the designer and owner of a fun new craft site...

She had this awesome display..

How great would that be to have all the ancestors in plain sight instead of in an album that's looked a once or twice a year? Great way to let the grandkids know "who's who" too..

...magnetic calendar with the Birthday-peeps photo on the cute-ness..

..great use of magnets, huh?
And just LOOK at that frame!

Something we Mom's can make for our own kid's know..our Grandkiddos..??

{recycled relatives??}
And...on her website, she has instructions, tutorials and fun..

She has a blog too, on my

Stop by and say hello..she's a lot of fun!

Also, for all you genealogy buffs..we had the "hit of the conference" T-shirts available and....we have some left..sooo..

...for a mere $12.00 we will send it to you..postage on us :-)

Just let me know how to contact you and we can get it sent to you!

So, whadda think?

no, not her...ME..


Pearl said...

Oh my gosh I love the t-shirt to funny. Wow what a great shop you found I think the picture displays are killer. (that's young talk) Great post Mrs. B

Vicki said...

Hey fun Colleen, I can just imagine you and Mr B in the sky....divin (o:
And what a cute picture of the grand ones...grand! The pimped out walker? Naw..not yet. BUT blue hair sounds fun and so do the silver teeth..
Ok, for real, I'll go see your new bloggy friend and tell her the lady who seeks dead people sent me...hmmm

Keep us smilin (o:

Claudie said...

Ok granny sky diving with those "things" hanging down really looks like me when I'm picking up something off the floor lol
Love you humour Colleen.
BIG CONGRATS on loosing yourself, I mean weight. You look fantastic, you really do.
Keep up the great work... but no piercings please, oh listen to me. At 50 I have my belly button pierced.... OUCHY for sure. It lasted one year then I yanked it out. Enough of that silliness lol
Off to bed
Happy Tues.
Love Claudie
P.S. i'm sure your the Colleen that asked me for that cute "guest pillow saying" that CC put on our pillow at night while visiting her. I couldn't link back to you on the comments. I've been searching and searching. IS IT YOU????????????
Let me know
Love Claudie again

Lucy said...

I guess I qualify with all the pictures of my 'old people' I've put online plus a 163 year old diary. I love that box with the photos on it. How cool. And hey....where'd you get that picture of me with the blue hair??!

diane said...

It looks like you have been to craft heaven. Love the pic of the giraffe.

Breezy said...

I love the skydiving pic and the giraffe..
Have a terrific tuesday!


Laurie said...

I love all of it! It must have been such a great time, and so many great ideas! I'm heading over to the blog.

Anonymous said...


Just Breathe said...

Love the giraffe! I hope I don't need a walker for awhile! The tiny nose ring isn't too bad. Love the idea of saving your pictures like that. Thanks for the link.

Sue said...

Hee, I was sure that one of the pics would be you with a little diamond in your nose!

Laughed all the way through, but really LOL when I viewed the pimped out walker. One of my best friends is disabled and has to use a walker - which her sons pimped out for her. Too funny!



Dapoppins said...

bwhahahahaha! I want to sky dive too! But I promise to wear a better bra!

Melinda Cornish said...

I saw the stories by me booth at the Christmas fair....the way she displays photos is awesome....I made a bunch of the blocks for everyone's tree....I like nose piercings....did you get one? I have thought about it at times and then I change my mind...