Thursday, May 6, 2010

so, yeah..I took the afternoon off..

..however, I didn't just go home like I would normally do..well, I had a dentist appointment first, just a cleaning, and we all received 4 hours of paid-off time {thank you bosses!}, so I figured it would be a good time to take myself to lunch..

So I did. Went to Jason's Deli and had a really good Spinach Veggie Wrap with fresh fruit..Yummy and good for me as well..a double header!

Off to Border's Bookstore for a magazine {Where Women Create} ...beautiful :-)

Then it was thrifting..found a really cute skirt ($6.00) a great linen shirt ($4.00) and 2 darling purses ($1.00 each) as well as a couple of household thingies..

I'm still "in-between" weights and don't want to keep wearing the clothes that are too big (easy to overeat if you don't have that "tight-pants" feeling!) and am reluctant to buy "new-new" clothes that I will not wear all that long.

So, "thrifting" is good..

Have I told you I'm a "purse-nut"? Some people like shoes...I like purses. A lot. A lot a lot a lot..

Mr. B thinks I like shoes because he really doesn't understand there are shoes.(ho hum) .then there are SHOES!!..
So when he complains about how many "pairs of shoes" are out at any given moment..

What he is actually seeing is...

1. slippers...these are not shoes
2. snow boots...these are not shoes
3. flip-flops..really..who could call those "shoes"??
4. no..these are my "foot vessels" for weighing in at Weight Watchers..{yeah, they only weigh like an ounce..}
5. white tennis shoes..close..but these are my Zumba shoes..
6. ugly brown tennis shoes..'nuff said..
7. ankle
8. black mules...OK..that's what I'm talkin' about.. those are shoes..

But..they are I may just need to get another pair of shoes...

..after all...I only have one pair..

What's your weakness??



just call me jo said...

A little bit of a jacket/sweater freak. Now we live in AZ it's really cramping my style. Very seldom wear 'em here. Yes, every one knows flip flops aren't shoes. You are so right with your list. Duh! Don't men know anything? Your smart to buy in-between clothes at thrift stores. I didn't do that and have some expensive things that don't fit now. You're so resourceful.

Mellodee said...

Sounds like a great afternoon, even if it included a visit to the Dentist! A little unexpected time off is such a wonderful thing!

Lucy said...

What is it about shoes?? Love 'em!!

Melinda Cornish said...

I love purses too and bracelets........flip flops too.....

Vicki said...

My weaknesses change with ummmm....whatever mood I'm in!
Love all your Non shoes (o: Oh, and sorry for not giving a *potty* warning with my post..hehe

Keep us smilin Mrs B (o:

TheOrdinaryMe said...

when i comes to thrifting, shoes is my weakness... I think you shud buy a new one... :)

Sweet Repose said...

Shoe vessels...I gotta remember that one...
Hey, it's a girl thing...right...the only thing that saves me is being in the antique never spend money on clothes or shoes or purses...unless walking by the racks at Good Will and something jumps out at ya.

And what is it with the piles of shoes that you just might use that day...or any day...I might have 6 pairs sitting under my bathroom sink at any given just never know...sometimes my shoe flock will migrate to the living room, then the kitchen, but usually end up in the clothes hamper, close, but out of's the shoe rookery...and since I have no clothes...well, you get the picture!!!

Now if I was married, the flock would probably fly South...but Scratchy deals!!!

Thanks for the smiles this AM...s

Shoe crack me up!!!

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

Love it! I'm not a shoe nut but I wish I was from time to time. I'd love to have more variety!
I DO love purses though...and hoodies. Nothing gives me the warm snugglies like a new hooded sweatshirt♥
Have a great weekend colleen!!

Laurie said...

I love shoes, wish I had more. My husband can't see the purpose in having more than 2 pairs: one for good, and one for everyday. What a boring life!!

Anonymous said...

Can't have enough shoes! That's my little vice.
Now - purses (or handbags as we say here) I only have ONE at a time. I wear it out and then get another one. I know, I'm out of kilter with this. My sis, Angie got my share of purslove I think. cheers Pam

Just Breathe said...

Make-up and face creams. (The next best wrinkle remover) Also, purses. It's always been purses with me. Happy Mother's Day.

diane said...

I'm like "Whitemorn", one purse at a time (we call them handbags, the purse is a wallet that goes inside a handbag). I love shoes but after retirement I have had to slow down on the shoe spending and do with less.