Sunday, May 16, 2010

Do you know iTunes??

iHave an iTunes account here and at work..iLove  iTunes! 

You can get just ONE track instead of buying the whole CD just because you love that ONE song..

And did you know there is a TON of free stuff?

Free is my favorite price ever..well, except like 90% off..which make my little heart just flutter..

OK, so yeah, iGuess free is even better..but sometimes you get what you pay for..

So, iReally  really like 90% off.....'cos that means it cost, like 100% at one time, and now, it's not just's 90% off something that once was worth 100% !  Plus the whole math-thing is totally easy..

Back to iTunes..

On their free stuff, iFound  listed under Podcasts (doncha just love all there new terms? Before iTunes,
iThought "pod cast" was the list of characters staring  in the Pod..huh....)

And all the "i" things?  iPod, iTunes, iPad, iPhones...

.....and my very favorite restaurant, iHop...

..and the way the "i" is always little and it is shoved up next to the CAPITALIZED next word??}

{iDo not own an iPhone, nay, iHave a Verizon Boulder..but, it IS a cool color..}

sooo..iWas looking at the podcasts and found some free Spanish lessons... free, like 56 lessons that you can listed to or burn to a disc {iThink..haven't really tried that yet..}

but anyway, iDownloaded the 56 lessons and started listening to them with my earbuds (hahahaha..another funny one..not little friends of my in ear buds...hahah..oh wait, they ARE little friends of my ears..even funnier!!}
OK, so, iAm  listening and iStart remember, iHave earbuds and really can't hear my self except inside my head..

but my co-workers can hear me..

You wanna know what's  soooooo funny?

OK, the two people who were teaching me Spanish...

..... in my ears were.....


I'm not makin' this stuff up..they had the most Scottish accent since Scottie on Star Trek..

and, shouldn't Bones have had a Scottish accent too?  Ah, come on.....seriously..McCoy??

So, if you ever want to learn Spanish from 2 lovely Scottish people, download YOUR free iTunes podcast..
it'll make a wee bit o' sense..

Noe, git owt theare n have a bute-i-ful Sunday, noe will ye?


¿Ahora, sale allí y tiene un hermoso el domingo, le hace?


oh, PS..found a BeAUtiFul song out there in iTunes land...Killing the Blues by Robert Plant and Alison Krauss..wonderful..go have a listen...

OHOHOH!! blogspot put theirspellcheck thingy on the new format thingy!  iJust noriced more having to switch back and forth from setting to setting..YAY!



Jules said...

That's too funny! So you're learning Spanish with a Scottish accent. I wonder how that really sounds, LOL! ;D

Catherine said...

HI - I found your blog via Adventure before Dementia's blog and the Irish bit caught my eye - so here you have an Irish follower and I hope you will follow my blog - it's quite a hotch potch of different things and you might enjoy it! I do have an iPod and iTunes and love them all - I have all free stuff as I transferred all my fave CDs and I download and listen to podcasts from BBC and NPR (the books programme) and the Garrison Keillor Prairie Home Companion ones, brilliant! And plenty more besides.
Nice to see your blog - looks very diverse! Look forward to you visiting mine!

Breezy said...

Love the Spanish lessons with a Scottish accent! you are terrific!

Just Breathe said...

That is really funny, it would have made me laugh too. I don't buy very many songs, I am kind of stuck in the past.

Catherine said...

Colleen - Thanks for your comment over at my blog - I replied over there but realised I spelt your name wrong so sorry about that. I am just linking back to tell you to check over at mine for the reply to your comment - I always reply but don't know if the recipient will get it if they don't enable comment notification.
All the best, Catherine.

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

I have to admit all these ithings puzzle my head....iconfused! :)
I do like 90% or free for sure though! ha
Hope you had a wonderful weekend!!
THanks for your lovely visits, they always make me smile :)

Sue said...

Hilarious Colleen! Scottish accented Spanish lessons? Too funny!

And yes, free is just a tiny bit better than 90% off....which is totally awesome!



Vee said...

We have spell check? Wow. My ignorance never ceases to amaze me. My sister had one. I missed it when she left. I'm stuck listening to playlists now.

Laurie said...

Maybe it's time I get an ipod, and get with the new technology!

diane said...

Its always chuckle time at Colleen's. Bill loves iTunes but I am not into music big time. When people asked Bill what he wanted to be called when he was a grandfather, he replied iPOP. But now the time has come he prefers his native Swiss term, Grossvati.

Melinda Cornish said...

you are so funny....I do have i tunes too.....I didnt know they have free stuff though...Have you learned spanish yet?