Friday, February 26, 2010

Lemme tell ya 'bout...Lefty..

This is a story 'bout a bear..a brown bear...a big bitty brown bear..

He lived in Arizona and was visiting Arivaca when these 2 Ornery Hombres found him..

Well, after a brief time, 'Ol Lefty (he was known previously as Ambi Dextrous..) found himself missing a few parts...all from the right side. (hence the name.... get it??)

Right leg..gone.

Right arm..gone.

Right eye..well you get the drift.

Gnose is a little gnawed..

The 'Sisters of the Order of the Lace Curtain Irish-Cowgirls' , Sister Kathleen Mary, Sister Geraldine Margaret {without the explicit consent of Sister Colleen-Marie-Theresa} thought his life was of no more use and wanted to throw him away.

The Ornery Hombres felt bad..for about a second..then went running off after something flittering around in the dust in the corral..

Actually, he now lives with me. I can relate. My left side is causing problems..

Left side Hooter gone {well, right side too} cancer..
Left eyebrow weird..
Left foot second toe gone wayward..
Left wrist ganglion cyst removed after numbing left fingers..
Left eye deemed "lazy"

Hmmm.. does that make me "Righty" ? Maybe. Will this convince Mr. B I am ..RIGHT .. all. the. time. ?

Eh, probably not.

Whatever you have 'left' of this month-ending-week-end, make it 'right on-the-spot fun..

-me aka Sister Colleen-Marie-Theresa


diane said...

You are RIGHT on the rightside. I hope you don't get thrown out for the hombres to chew. So you are the rescuer of damaged bear, do you have a hospital for him. It might cheer him up if you introduce him to Birthday Bear, who went fishing today.

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Oh poor lefty. :)

My email address is:

Karen said...

I hate to hear that anything lefty causes problems.....this "Lefty" is always proud of being lefty.

Vicki said...

Lefty or Righty, Mr B knows who's who's in charge...
How about parts donations? You know, like organ donations...stitch him up all new again!
What I have 'left' this month is trying to catch up on blogs!!! And see if another giveaway next month will work buyers yet, but that's ok (O:

stay warm!

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

You are alRIGHT by me! You realize you're making me go back a couple posts now to look at your eyebrows, right? :)
I'm betting they are BOTH beautiful!


Artistic Accents by Darla said...

Just as I suspected....your eyebrows are gorgeous!!
Man, I know I've told you this before, but you have very, VERY pretty eyes!

Looook into my eyes......oh, looooook into my uvula! (Love that DQ commercial!)

I better go eat supper. Starving-stupid-silly mode has kicked in.
Later :)

Sue said...

Lefty and Righty......these little
(and ahem, not so little) imperfections give one personality and strength of character. AND, obviously in "Righty's" case an awesome sense of humour!


Vee said...

Well I think that you're pretty right on most of the time. You have a way of putting the best spin on everything. Hope that you're enjoying this wonderful Sunday!

Anonymous said...

This is pure POETERY Colleen. Yes, you ARE always right!