Sunday, February 7, 2010

..and now for something completely different..

..don't know whether it was what I was dreaming right before I got up or the Crystal Light I drank through the night, but I woke up this morning feeling I was....

..freakishly TALL...yeah..that was the first thing I thought..well, after I thought "Is it Sunday or Monday? Oh yay!, it's would be sooo un-fun if it was Monday" so technically, it was my second thought..

And it was totally real to me...

I kept looking down to see if my jammies were shorter..nope.

Then I went into the bathroom where Mr. B was brushing his teeth..and I WAS taller than him !
'course, he was bent over the sink..but I think even after he stood up, I was a little taller than I was last night, doncha think so?? Nope.

Walked into the kitchen and I swear I don't usually see the dust atop the fridge...

And I DID! Wait, what am I getting excited about?

I think I'd like to remain short (well, not SO short - I'm 5'5") and un-enlightened about dust in high places.

Maybe tonight I'll dream I'm skinny and I'll go into work all attitude and spunk..

We'll see..
Good night and TALL, Skinny (might as well throw in Rich) dreams to you ..


While searching for images, I came across this cute poster...see anything wrong with it??

Yes, and I DO think you're awesome!
(this was actually a site that was selling this on cups, hats and posters!!)


diane said...

I wonder what you are dreaming now. I don't remember my dreams any more. drats.I wnt to work today ..first time in 3 months..ugh hard to get back into it.

La Dolce Vita with LeAnn said...

You are a dream...filled with laughter. Keep us smiling girl!

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

You're so fun!! Love the Awesome poster too! CUTE!

Vee said...

Where do you find all these pictures to perfectly complement your script? I laughed out loud by the third one. Yes, well you keep on dreaming and great things could happen and here I thought I would be able to say, "Yes! I cleaned the top of my refrigerator, too." But no, I can't say that because I didn't dream that I was tall.

Coleen said...

and I think, I KNOW you are awesome,too!!!

Heart Hugs,

Just Breathe said...

I don't remember my dreams very often. But when I do dream I think to myself what did I eat that made me dream so much last night! So 5'5" isn't so bad, I'm only 5'2", well at least I was when I was 30.
I don't even want to know if I have gotten smaller. I like for use to take family pictures when we are sitting down so I don't look so short next to everyone else. I will always be 5'2"!

Laurie said...

I kept looking at the dog to see what was wrong with it! Maybe I need some sleep!

Sweet Repose said...

Should be you're...and my daughter said to me the other day...I'm finally taller than you...she'll heal!!!

Snowing big time here, think we have 4 inches so far and more coming tomorrow, I feel for the people out East that aren't used to this crap...and by the way, could you stop sending it this way!!!