Thursday, February 4, 2010

The music of my life....

OK - so you know how when you're watching a movie and the star is in a pensive, lovely moment and the music you hear reflects that perfectly..?

Or she's in a spunky-happy mood and the music reflects that equally as well?

...and you think "well, if I had a full orchestra following me around all day, my life would sound pretty spectacular too.."

Huh...well mine now does. 

Yeppers, I l.o.v.e my iPod-MP3-thing-a-ma-bob soooo much. 

As I am walking the dogs I hear classical tunes, or Secret Garden's hauntingly beautiful Celtic sounds..

And for whatever silly reason, it makes me feel prettier. And not unimportant..and I am the star of my own movie..

And I smile...

I am healthy..I am walking...I am starring in my life..I am taking a bite of my apple..


~ CRUNCH !!!~
What the heck ??

Have you ever eaten anything while wearing earphones???

I mean, before I realized it was ME making all that racket, I nearly jumped out of my skin..and up in the air..on the sidewalk..with the dogs..on their leashes..

{insert very rapid breathing whilst holding my heart and looking very crabby}


The whole time, sweet soft music was playing in between extremely irritating chewing noises that sounded something like a 1962 Volvo being crushed by a Monster Truck at the Friday night "Screech Off" ..

All kidding wait..what? don't put all kidding aside 'cos then this would be one strange post..

..they need to put a warning on those iPod-MP3-thingys about the loudness that's INside your head when eating while listening to the music of you life..and thinking you're all pretty and all not-unimportant..

..or maybe just on the apple.

Warning: The sound in your head may be closer than it appears...

Ah, such is life.



Melinda Cornish said...

chewing can sound pretty obnoxious with headphones on!

diane said...

Have you discovered that your voice comes out twice as loud when you have earphones on and everyone looks at you and wonders why your shouting.Enjoy your ipod and I'm glad that you sound better.
One of the best one liners from a movie was in "Shirley Valentine" when her Greek lover was making love to her on a boat in the Greek Islands. It was all very romantic and the music was building up to a passionate crecendo when she stops and looks over his shoulder and says, "Where did that bl**dy orchestra come from?" Of course that put him off and it was a hilarious moment.

Karen said...

you need to eat something quieter...something smooth and silky....lik chocolate!

Diane said...

Hi Colleen, I'm out the door here, but I wanted to write you back. First of all--thank you so much for all of your comments on my blog--they really encourage me! And then you asked about the Moleskine journal--here's the link (I think this will work)
There are so many different Moleskines, but this one has thicker pages, and they're cream colored and smooth, and very very durable. The size is about 5x8, which I thought was a little small, but now I love the size--it's just right. If you have any more questions, please ask. The link I gave you is for Amazon--it's the cheapest.

Jenny said...

Hi! I forget how I got here...which isn't surprising cuz I pretty much forget everything...but I'm a new follower and this is a cute post. I'm going to head down and read the puppy one next...I love music...just keep the scary, psycho music away from me!

Vee said...

Not being one of the cool I-pod here or whatever...but this post is too funny! Course, there's that serious bit about the music of our lives...hmmm...

Just Breathe said...

I love my MP3 player, I use it in the car for music. I think I need to start walking with it since I don't use my car more then once a week. That crunching is funny! I know I always talk loud if I have it in my ears.

Jillian said...

I think you should make a sign that says that and stick it around your neck when you take the dogs on a walk each morning. See if anyone notices ;)

Heather said...

lol, that's pretty funny. i don't think i've ever eaten while listening to music in my headphones. hmm. interesting!

All My Yesterdays said...

Kinda drowns out the *other voices* huh... Funny one (O:
Have fun with it and all you dreamin!

Voices of Angels said...

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