Sunday, February 21, 2010

Just remember... a Mother, you try to keep your children away from hurt and sadness.

Sometimes you can...sometimes you can't..

Today I couldn't.

My daughter learned of the death of one on her and her brother's high school friends. Actually, he was my son's very best friend ..and looked out for Brandi, even taking her to a high school a friend.

He went on day trips with us and his strong, funny personality boomed with the love of life..he was an artist..a teacher..a Daddy & a friend to many..he was a child of God..

Jeff went with him on a double-blind date..the date that introduced his friend to his future wife..

And, as happens after high gets married and starts a family while the other remained single..

Two boys..both at the start of their lives..

Joe & Jeff..each going in their own direction..

Joe went on to be a great father to 4 beautiful children, Jeff went on to fall in love and marry our beautiful daughter-in-law Rachael..

Joe & Jeff reconnected briefly on Facebook..promising to get together..but by this time, they were on different the father of 4, settled into his a newlywed..
just starting his new life.

Then today, the news of Joe's passing..unexpected to us, certainly not to his family due liver failure. He was on the top transplant list, but pneumonia set in and his big heart finally needed rest..

And now, both of my children are hurting..and the lessons are once again being heard..

.. remember..

Cherish each day..

Don't waste a minute with the crappy little things..

Tell those you love that you love them..and tell them why..what they mean in your life..

Be always grateful for every day you get to wake up, get in crazy-busy traffic, go to your job, complain about the weather, clean the kitchen, wash your car..

...write your blog..

..connect with friends.. the snow..look for birds..get puppy-kisses.

And tell the kids that it's OK to be sad and to hurt..and to remember...

Remember the snowball fights and hot dogs cooked at Trial Lake in the snow..

..the Halloween dance..
..the art you shared...
..the 7-11 late night stops for a jug of cold milk and donuts..
..the "all-you-can-eat" a the Mexican restaurant - where he surprised us all by how much the wrestler-football player-bigger-than-life-friend could actually 'all you can eat"-eat..

..and it's OK to miss him...

it's OK.


Dedicated to Joe Massey

Walk in Heaven with the 'other' Big Guy.
We'll always remember you, Joe..


Sue said...

A beautiful tribute post to a man that was obviously a huge part of your's and your children's lives. Also a very wise reminder to all of us to cherish each and every day and those in it.


Karen said...

My heart is breaking. What a sad lesson for children to have to learn.

Heather said...

Very sweet post. I'm so sorry for everyones loss.

smasek said...

Hey Beautiful C, please give Jeff, Rachel, Mr. B and yourself a big ol'hug from me. Please give Brandi my heartfelt condolences. I am so sorry for the loss of Joe. Love you guys!!! s

Mary said...

Oh yes, you said it loud and clear....CHERISH EACH DAY!!!

My condolences to family and friends - I know he will be so missed.

Anonymous said...

My heart hurts reading this, and at the same time there is great love and wisdom in your words.
Sending loving thoughts to your family and Joe's.

Chrissykat said...

A wonderful tribute...

Vee said...

What a loving tribute to a man who sounds as if was the salt of the earth. May your kids know comfort and may Joe's family know comfort, too.

Laurie said...

What a beautiful post and tribute Colleen, you brought me to tears with your way with words. And words that I am taking to heart. Thank-you, and my prayers are with your children and Joe's family.

All My Yesterdays said...

Aww Colleen, so sorry to hear this. He looks and sounds like such a great guy. Life sure grabs us by the heart sometimes. We know this...
I just thought of the little saying I put on my header...It's for you and yours today.

Have a good cry and thanks for reminding us of all the important stuff.

See ya yesterday..

Just Breathe said...

That is so sad. There are things in life that we cannot protect them from and it's so hard to watch them hurting. I will pray for their comfort. I will also pray for Joe and his family.

Pearl said...

A beautiful tribute Colleen I'm sorry for your loss.

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