Sunday, July 5, 2009

Prayers needed

Hello everyone,
I am Colleen's oldest daughter, April, and my mom asked me to update you all on a situation our family is facing now. On Saturday my dad was on a pre-wedding motorcycle ride with my brother Andy and his wife-to-be Barb when he hit some gravel on the side of the road while making a turn. He went down and is FINE but was very badly hurt. He has several broken ribs and a broken collarbone. He was NOT wearning a helmet and is in VERY deep hot water with my mom about that one, to say the least. He received quite a gash on the back of his head that took several stitches to close, he has some road-rash on his sholder and elbow, and torn up his wrist pretty good. They did a CAT scan and it came back normal so he does not have any brain injuries. He was very, very lucky and must have had an angel looking out for him. He is still in the hospital and will likely be there for at least a few more days. He is battered and broken but will heal in time. THANK YOU GOD!!!

Needless to say my mom and dad are spending a few unexpected days in Denver. They have both kept their sense of humor but this has been very hard on them. My mom cherishes you all so much and relies on you for support. She asked me to ask you all to send prayers for a speedy recovery for my dad. But, if you don't mind, I would like to ask you to send prayers for both of them. They truely are an amazing couple. He stood by her during her bout with breast cancer and she refuses to leave his side now. She won't come home with me to sleep in a comfortable bed- she has been sleeping in a chair in his hospital room.

Those of you who have been reading her blogs for any length of time now will not be surprised by this at all:>). I am, however, going to steal her away tomorrow afternoon for a few hours so she can shower, do some laundry, take a nap, and have dinner with my family.

Today was a little frustrating for all of us because we did not get to see the doctor today and still have so many questions. Just a tip...don't get hurt on a holiday weekend...seems doctors are a little scarce on the weekend, especially on Sunday. We are hoping to get more answers tomorrow when more staff should be on hand and my dad can get evaluated by the doctors that need to see him. It is very hard on them not knowing what to expect, how long he will be in the hospital, etc.

They drove their truck to Denver but luckily Jeff and Rachael also drove out. Tomorrow Jeff and Rachael will each drive one of the vehicles back to Utah. Please also send a little prayer their way for a safe trip home. It is not easy to make that drive with no one else in the vehicle to keep you company (I know from experience :-)). Once my dad is released from the hospital and cleared by the doctors, my mom and dad will fly back to Utah.

To end this on a happier note, the wedding did go on and it was absolutely beautiful! We now have a new addition to our family and we couldn't be happier. A day that started with tears of fear and sadness ended with tears of joy and happiness. The highs and lows of every emotion imaginable in a single day. We are truly blessed.

I will leave it to my mom to tell you all about the wedding in her own, unique way that I know you all love. Rest assured we have a TON of pictures to share with you all as well. Thank you all for being there for her. You mean so much to her and I know she can't wait to get back to "blogland" with all her friends. I will keep you updated on the situation until she is able to return.



Neabear said...

Oh my! I got very scared when I saw the title knowing Colleen and hubby are traveling. I am so sorry to hear about the accident. Thank you April for keeping us updated. I will definitely keep your parents and the rest of the family in my prayers. Please keep us posted.

Irish Cottage Dreams said...


Thank you so much for keeping us in the loop.
I am so sorry to hear about the bike accident.
My thoughts and prayers are with ya'll.
Give my love and hugs to your mom and dad.

Many prayers being sent that way for a speedy


madrekarin said...

Oh, April, thank you for letting us know. My heart sank a little bit when I started reading your post. What a horrible scare! Please give your mom a hug from me and let her know that she and your dad will be in my prayers.
Somehow I don't think he is going to be allowed to even look at a motorcycle for a loooong time.
I'm glad the wedding went well. :)

Gaston Studio said...

Thanks April, for telling us about this. I'm afraid I'd to slap your dad up side the head for not wearing that helmet but prayers being sent anyway.

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

Thank you April. My prayers are with both your parents! Your mother's blog is a treasure to read and I can see her talent for writing has passed on to you :)

Glad the wedding turned out great and praying for a speedy recovery for your Dad!

Lori R. said...

Oh April, thanks so much for the message. We would have been wondering where your mom and dad were had we not heard from her shortly as she doesn't miss blogging to us very often and we knew they were traveling. Here in blogworld, we are kinda like cyber family and tears just overwhelmed me as I read your post. Your mom and dad have a very special love and I am sure along with wanting to crown him one, she is sooo worried about his well being. I will be sure to put them on the prayer list for a speedy recovery and safe trip home. They have endured alot together and this is just one more bump in the road (no pun intended) that they will overcome. Please keep us posted!

Stella said...

What an eventful and worrying time!
Prayers for a speedy recovery for your Dad, patience for your Mum and safe journeys for the travellers.

Nan said...

Thank you, April, for writing. Thank God, it wasn't any worse.

Nan said...
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MeiLani and Michael said...

We love you Mr. B and Colleen! Hang in there. We will hold down the fort for as long as you need!

mnl said...

Colleen we were so sorry to hear the news from Kathy, she is very worried. We will pray for you all and hope
Randy has a speedy recovery, those are some very painful injuries :( I know you'll keep us all posted when you have time, in the meantime we will pray.
XO to all. Martha and family

Lindsay Bunker said...

Prayers will definately be sent your way! I love you colleen and I love randy too! Feel better!

Lucy said...

Oh boy! Motorcycles are scary having ridden them quite a lot. I don't miss them. But sending good thoughts and prayers. He's tough. He'll make it back to his old self. And we'll be right there eggin' him on. Get well quick!

Gary and Elizabeth~ said...

Hi Colleen,

Yes in deed hubby had his guardian angel looking after him. How very frightening for all of you. I will keep him in my prayers for a speedy recovery.
God Bless,

The Feathered Nest said...

Oh my goodness April!!! I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers!! Please give your dad and mom both a hug for me, I'm so sorry this happened ~ praying for you all! xxoo, Dawn

Laurie and Chris said...

April ~ Your mom and dad are both in our thoughts!! Thank you for letting us all know what is going on. Please keep us updated when you can.

Coleen said...

Hey both are in my prayers...I bet Mr. B will always wear his helmet from now on!! My Motorcyle Man does (it's the law here)...thank goodness my man had it on when he almost ran ito a herd of cows crossing the road...but, thats another story!

Heart Hugs,

Pearl said...

Collen and Mr. B and April and the rest of the family. I almost fell over from a heart attack when I first read the post today. Oh I will be worried until they are all home and safe. Prayers from me and my family. I hope your father will be well and the beautiful bride. So much has been happening to your family and I think of you every day. Mucho prayers here for all. I hope her brother is doing well? We pray for him always. And we wait for updates on him so we can keep up with his well being. Hugs to all of you our cyber family! We love you all. :)

Just Breathe said...

Count your blessings. Came over to check on you from Altered Glass.
Praying for nothing but good things. Take care and God Bless.
Hope you don't mind me stopping over.

Julie said...

Dear Colleen,

My prayers go out to your hubby - and to you for strength and courage. I am so glad the news is good. I am sure that eventually you will even see some humor in all this.

I know what April means about having accidents on holidays. My daughter was hit by a car one Memorial Day, and Dan had his heart attack another Memorial Day.

Hope the rest of the summer is uneventful. Maybe you should stay home when you get home!!

June said...

Oh, Colleen, I am so very sorry! I will be checking in frequently for news. I know it is a comfort to have you sleeping in that chair, but do get some good rest yourself. A healthy YOU will do your sweet husband more good in the long run.

April, thanks so much for the caring update. Your mother is an inspiration and joy to me.

Pen Pen said...

OMG! April, thank you for sharing this with us. Mr. B.... hurry and get well! Colleen, we are thinking of you guys!

diane said...

Thanks April for the news even though it is awful. Sounds like you had a blockbuster weekend from grief to happiness. Sorry to hear how bad MrB is and I wish him a quick recovery.Good on you for getting your Mum to go home with you for a little while. She must be hurting too. So sorry and looking forward to hearing her fun stories again soon.