Monday, July 20, 2009

How do YOU spell "relief" ??

If you the daughter and the son-in-law that have had a hospital bed in the family room, extra meals to prepare, extra people in YOUR walk-in-shower (not with separate times, silly)
extra gas to and from a hospital across town, extra stress, I mean spell "relief"...

Yep..white whitewater rafting!

In the front of the boat you see April & Chris - behind Chris is Alyssa - across from Alyssa is their niece, Brittany from Arizona - behind Brittany is Emily and behind Alyssa is Ellen, a good friend and a wonderful cook....

{she baked us a HUGE homemade macaroni & cheese casserole with a fresh fruit salad and 2 - count 'em- TWO homemade pies, one blue/blackberry and one banana cream with fresh bananas and strawberries. Gee, how can I get sick-but-not-really to have her make MORE of that?? Wonderful. Kind. And thoughtful..

Ahhh..the kindness of strangers! Well, not exactally "stranger" in that sense, but certainly went above and beyone for a good friend's parents..

Oh, and then there's the tour guide- almost catapulted from the the back.

These days, Mr. B spells relief like this...

..Lulu keeping vigil on the neighborhood..

..Braxton's ability to reach the hospital bed and nestle comfortably next to his Daddy..
{is he giving me crustys for snapping this photo? Hmmm..I think so..}

Have a great tomorrow and spell "relief" any old way you can...for me, it's getting a minute here and there to stop and read your daily-doings :-)



Laurie said...

The rafting pictures are great! It looks like so much fun. And yes I think Braxton is giving you the evil eye, he looks sooo comfy!

Lori R. said...

We have been rafting before, it is sooo much fun!!! That tour guide looks like he is having an uplifting experience! Your babies look like they are soooo glad that the parents are home.. Did you get scolded to never, ever leave them again? Glad you are home and hopefully you are getting rested between the "Can you please..." Keep us posted on the healing factor!!!

diane said...

Yes I guess it was relief when you arrived home for quite a few people.
The rafting looks fun but we had bad news here about a rafting accident in Switzerland that took the life of an Australian girl from Brisbane and injured others. So that sort of puts me off the desire to do it.
Hope you are getting some rest and Mr B is mending.

Mary said...

So happy to know you made it home safely. Although people were so accommodating and generous in many ways, there definitely is NO PLACE LIKE HOME right!

Good luck Mr.B., get well soon and promise never to do that again! Colleen - time for you to have a vacation methinks.........but something less dangerous than rafting!

Hugs to you both. Hang in there.

Pen Pen said...

The rafting photo's were great. Glad the kids had a great time. I was shocked when I saw the guy "airborne" in the one photo.

Sweet Lulu and Braxton... I'm sure they were thrilled to see you guys come back home. :o)

white o'morn cottage said...

Continued recovery and lots of love for ya'. Best wishes...Pam

Vee said...

I know that there is a whole lot more going on in your world than you allude to, but it's wonderful to read your posts again. Still, when Mr. B naps, guess what Mrs. B should be doing!

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

Great photos! The rafting looks like a great time! Beautiful pups too!
Glad you got time to sketch recently and I can't wait to see what you paint on them! :)
Thanks for stopping by♥ Darla