Saturday, July 25, 2009

"C" for ......

now what starts with the letter c?
cookie starts with c
let's think of other things
that starts with c
oh who cares about the other things

c is for cookie, that's good enough for me
c is for cookie, that's good enough for me
c is for cookie, that's good enough for me
oh cookie, cookie, cookie starts with c

Remember that? Yes, cute-a-licious Cookie Monster from Sesame Street..

With all the emphasis on weight loss ( I really don't want to "Loose" weight..I just might "FIND" it again..)

Cookie monster has been getting some advice ...

His response is like soo many other monster's..

But, with a little help from your friends....


Yeppers, this household has not one, but 2 cookie for them and one for us..

Notice who's is emptier??

"C" is also for cute-a-licious apron I received..

...from my sister who's name does NOT start with "C"....Kathy ♥ or KWAK as she is known (Kathy With A K)

{pictured here with the adorable Daisy dressed in her 4th of July finest..Daisy that is..Kathy is dressed in her 15-hours-in-a-car-garb}

"C" can also be for ....Crazy- medicated Mr. B....enjoying a dinner cooked & delivered our next door neighbor, Jenny...

..and one last "C"...

Have yourself a cozy, cute-a-licious Saturday, and thanks for stopping by..

-me...another "C" {Colleen}♥


Lucy said...

What can I say. Cute! And Cookie is my favorite Monster.

Vee said...

Poor Mr. B...he does look a bit disturbed. Hope that he's feeling better all the time. COokIes...sometimes we just need them. I'm thinking that this is probably one of those times. C is for Clever post!

Lori R. said...

Ohh, Colleen (starts with a C) you always put a smile on my face and so do COOKIES! Do you know a single person that doesn't like cookies. conversation:
"Here would you like a cookie?"
"No, I don't like cookies! Wouldn't eat on if you paid me."
I have never heard of someone not liking some kind of cookie...

Laurie and Chris said...

Very cute post.
"C" is for Chris in our house. ;)

Lindsay Bunker said...

OH COLLEEN!!! LOVE FROM OREGON!!! I showed my sis in law and brian the cookie monster comics and we are CRYING laughing!!!! I just love you! I hope this week is better for you!

white o'morn cottage said...

Gosh...I know he is not well but Mr B looks GOOD! He always reminds me of my Paul.