Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Tuesday, Pioneer Day in Utah
I got a call last night from my big brother, Larry. This may not seem monumental to you, but I think this may be the 5th. call I have EVER received from him. Not that he's a bad brother. Quite the contrary. He's the best big brother I've ever had! It's just that he lacks a certain "communication gene" that my sisters and I seem to have the market on. So when I hear from him, it's a real treat. Maybe that's why my Mom always made such a big deal about a call from Larry. The girls could do all the calling, the visiting, the card sending, the taking-care-of-the-aging-parents, but if Larry called her, whoa! He was the 'Prince among men'! Oh well. Now maybe I understand ...a little. Anyway, he called to firm up some plans to visit on the way to see his son in Idaho. This will be a real treat for me and Randy. Larry is such a great story-teller. We always have such a good time laughing and just being together. But as I age (did I really say that??!), I discover so many various assets of my brother that I didn't know existed. Like, he's retired but now enjoys (!) being a substitute teacher for elementary school kids. And not the rich, spoiled, too-many-electronic-toys kinds of kids. But regular, sometimes even poor kids- the kind that appreciate the kindness of teachers. And speaking of teachers, another part of my brother came out in that phone call. One that doesn't really surprise me,but one that delighted me none the less. He was telling me about his granddaughter, Emily, who has graduated from college and is off on her teaching career. Seems she'll be teaching in Arizona, far away from her Michigan home, but close to my brother, her Grandpa. In hearing him speak with such pride about her grace, her art of articulation, her beauty and her intelligence, well, it made my heart full. I was not only proud of her, but so proud of my big brother to share his feelings with me. Wow. What a 5 minute phone call on a Monday night can bring out! Remember that. Call someone and make their week. I know he made mine.
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April said...

Andy is the "Larry" of my siblings!!