Saturday, July 28, 2007

I thought I was through having kids....

OK, well, that's kind of misleading to all who read this blog. No, I am not expecting...well, I guess I am, sort of. I am expecting to have two new daughters this year. Yes, my family will grow by 4 feet. Both of my boys will be or have already proposed. One to Barb and one to Rachael. So now I will have 4 sons and 4 daughters. Wow. When God say "Go forth and multiply" I took Him seriously alright.

I am very happy about these 2 new additions. I feel both women are strong, smart, honorable and kind people. I just hope my sons can be as much of a delight to their new families as I feel these 2 new daughters will be to ours. So welcome to the chaos, the drama, the fun, the volume and the love that is our family. Welcome to Thanks-mas, to Irish pride, to get-togethers that keep us up laughing all night, to phone calls and emails. Welcome to little kids and big kids and In-laws that act like kids. Welcome home. Welcome to our home...on Main Street, USA.
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