Wednesday, July 25, 2007

This is the Summer.....

....of my discontent. No wait, that's not right. This is the summer of my un-cuteness. My "I'm-at-the-age-where-I-shouldn't-care"-ness. You see, I'm normally pretty cute. However, this year I am working in a place with no air-conditioning (did I mention it's been hotter than usual?) and only 5 other employees. Big difference than the previous 500 people that may see me in a day. Anyway, they already know I'm pretty cute, so lately I haven't been wearing make-up to work. I don't see it as a good investment in my "make-up funds" to have it swelter off all day. That stuff's expensive! And the hair - let's just say without the heat of the blow dryer, it definitely has a mind of it's own - cowlicks that go not only north & south, but east & west. Blah. That leaves my "wardrobe". Because of the heat (I did mention that it's been hot, right?) I have been wearing crop pants and T-shirts. Yes, you read right - crop pants, Capri's.... The pants those girls with legs up to their necks wear so nicely. Well, suffice it to say, with my short legs ( more blue lines than a road map of Arizona) I guess I couldn't' think of any other way to make myself look more unattractive.

No, wait...Crocks! Yes, Crocks. Not only are they just plain ugly, they make them in bright colors just so the world knows how big your feet really are! But, hey, they are COMFORTABLE. Yes, they are. I have FAUX Crocks - (Frocks ?) - they claim that not only are they comfortable, and weigh mere ounces, but can be hosed off with your garden hose! (Do we have a garden hose at work??) Because with all the data entry and sitting I do all day, Lord knows I need my feet to be comfortable. I don't know - maybe I need Crocks for my butt.

OK, so fall is around the corner. I can wear WHOLE pants, make-up will not slide off, the hair, well maybe with a little action with the blow dryer, will behave. So look out world. One seriously cute Grammie is just around the corner!
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