Friday, July 27, 2007

An old fashioned Mom....

Yesterday, my favorite youngest daughter hinted on her blog that I was “technically challenged” – old fashioned,,,....WHAT?

Was I not the first one to have a butane curling iron so I could look ‘groovy’ camping?? Was I not the first to have a battery operated eyelash curler? (OK, well to be honest, it made me look as if I was always VERY ALERT (!) …....And, I had an Itty-Bitty Book Light BEFORE they had itty-bitty books!

Geesh. Like I don’t know about that InterWeb….. cordless telephones.. ..and that iPods are not those portable storage units that they advertise from the moving companies to store junk in…AND, speaking of junk..I know that “junk-in-the-trunk” is not necessarily what you’ve brought home from garage sales – so there.

I know it’s called a remote – not the “channel changer”. You guys remind me of that all the time. I know you can actually walk around while talking on the phone and that I should start to carry it with me instead of running to the room that it’s in every time you call.

Just remember one thing… I learned to TIE my shoe laces – not use Velcro. I learned to tell time on a clock with NUMBERS- not a digital read-out. And, I know that you can stop that awful “12:00” blinking light on the VCR by putting black electrical tape over it!

Not bad for a “technically challenged” Mom, huh?

“technically challenged” my as… um…my junk-in-the-trunk! Now off to bed and to use my CLAPPER to turn off the lights….
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Brandi said...

You are too funny.....just the mention of "VCR" just proved your old-fashionness!! Those are ANCIENT!

Brandi said...

Oh, and I forgot to mention... for a mom, you have always been pretty cool! Your kids got veeeery lucky with you (and so did dad!).

Alyssa said...

I love reading your blog, Grammie! I can see where Mom and I got our writing gene from. Don't worry about not being up to date with the electronics...I can't figure out how to turn up the volume on my phone yet, and I'm supposed to be some savvy teenager.

The Tattered Nest said...

just found your crack me up! such a great writer!

Pearl said...

Right on Sista! You told them