Saturday, July 28, 2007

sweet dreams & God bless us everyone...

......that's what we say to each other every night before we go to sleep. The pups, Braxton & Lulu, are at the foot of the bed and all is well with the world. Then we drift off to sleepyland. Or at least Randy does. I, on the other hand, drift off to many different and far-away places. You see, I travel almost every night in my dreams. Sometimes to places I can distinctly remember the next morning, like Paris or Ireland, and sometimes to places that involve running to the airport late and trying to get on the correct flight, or driving roads that I'm not familiar while trying to find my destination. Deep, huh?

But it's always an adventure and rarely a bad one. I actually look forward to sleep each night to see where I'll go next.

I asked Randy last night as we were drifting off if he dreams like that. He just said he doesn't have time to dream, he needs to sleep. OK, I get that. Translation: "please be quiet. I'm trying to go to sleep".

Sometimes I wake up exhausted from trying to make that flight! But I do enjoy all the "travel". There are times when Lulu wakes me up and I just want to go back to see where my adventure ends. But alas, I have to wait until the next night to see where I go. Kinda reminds me of the book by Dr. Seuss, Oh, the places you'll go! Note to self: read that one again.

Anyway, here's hoping you have "sweet dreams" tonight. And, yes, God bless us everyone.
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