Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What is that..noise? Coming from the kitchen? And the light's on??

OK, so it's 3 am..Lulu is sooo focused on getting me up..

I keep trying to reason with her..

"'s 3 o'clock  in the darktime..too early to get up..OK Sweetie??"

Did I mention she's..... focused....?

OK, OK, do you have to go potty? OK - let's go..

Hmm..strange..all the lights are on in the kitchen..

...Mr. B??     Mr. B??

 Where are you??

And some of the canisters are on the table..and the platters are piled high..there's a box close


Lulu takes me out to the back yard..where the lights in the garage are on as well..............Mr. B?????

"Uh, hi Honey..sorry, did I wake you?"

Actually, Lulu did..what are you doing??

"Umm..I  couldn't sleep.." thought you'd re-arrange the kitchen? Pack  for a yard sale?   Moving??    Are you .....Cleaning???

"ah, well, nooo.  I need to borrow some of that stuff..."
What are you talking about? Borrow??.  And what are you going to use it for?  Borrow?  I don't understand..

This seems like a weird dream, huh?


Last night..I mean, this morning.  Early. Very very early.  Darktime.

Seems Mr. B is designing a cabinet/buffet for his company (he's a cabinet designer) and he couldn't sleep for all the designing in his head..and then he started decorating the cabinet in his head..{not that the cabinet was IN his head..just the thought of it..that'd just be weird..}

He's building a prototype and has a big he's going to show the thing fully decorated.   With our stuff..

OK, well that makes sense.

Sort of.

Now, try explaining that to Lulu who  is now being joined by Braxton, and who both think it's a good time for a walk and some breakfast..

Think again, Puppies...

So, how was your darktime??



Debby@Just Breathe said...

L.o.v.e. the clip art you used. Some nights are just like that.
He better be very careful with your things!

Laurie said...

You really do need to write a book Colleen, I know of no one else who comes close to your life adventures!

Sue said...

Colleen, I LOVE your style of writing, so humourous and engaging. I hear you on the doggies wanting to 'go' once someone is up, and I guess Mr. B was the one to give them a clue.

Hope tonight is a sleepytime until light-time for you.


Karen said...

Having those two little dogs is just like having the kids living with you again, huh?

Ming said...

Hi Colleen,
Sad to say, my darktime is always interrupted with moments of unrest. Most of the time it's just me, myself & I but sometimes there's other causes, like yours, laughable after the fact but disconcerting as they occur!

Hope Mr. B's presentation is a success, I am sure it will be with all his thoughts to merchandising the cabinet with YOUR STUFF!

Have a great dark time.

wendy said...

Once again your post is great! and I agree with Laurie, you really do need to write a book!! hope you get a good nights sleep tonight!

just call me jo said...

"Darktime" I love it! We often have similar situations here, I just can't describe them as well as you do. So clever! I must admit I don't handle the disruption as patiently as you do. I tend to throw things and swear...Don't use that in your children's book. ;o)

T's Daily Treasures said...

My mind often races at nite but I do resist the urge to get up. Sometimes you just gotta get up and follow through to get it all out of your system. Hope your husband was able to do just that and is successful in his presentation. I bet those furbabies were quite confused that you weren't ready for the day when they thought it had begun. Hope you are having a great day. :) Tammy

Zuzu said...

Hubby doesn't DO sleep through the night. Since I first met him some 30 years ago, he gets up around 2AM and writes programming code. Lights go on, doors slam, dishes clink, and it's type-itty, type-itty type for hours until I get up around 6AM. It didn't used to seem so bad, but now we are in a tiny cottage. The only closed room is the bathroom, so I get the enjoy it all along with him.
Oh well, I still love the guy so it all works out. :)

Hope your honey's project comes out great, Colleen!


diane said...

3 o'clock am that's cruel but that is the sort of thing BB does too. Funny creatures Baby has gone home so I thought we could get back to our sleep ins but the body clock has got used to 6:00 am baby sitting duties.
So here I am blogging instead...trying to catch up from being distracted by the biggest time waster in the world...grandbaby, Fox.

Lola Skw said...

ROFLOL! You made it sound so funny, thank you for giving me a laugh! But now on a more serious note, I hope very much you could catch some sleep later ... And I think a big "I apologize" -bouquet from your hubby would be nice! Hugs, Lola

Dapoppins said...

I always respect a person who gets up and does something when they can't sleep, unlike myself, cause I just lay there, not sleeping.