Wednesday, October 27, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like.."Oh crap..Daddy's putting sweaters on us...

..and that can't be good..."

OK - so this was last evening..

..and this is now...

Merry Christmas..uh Happy Almost Halloween!

Have a safe, warm and fun-filled day, Okay?!



RH (aka Lucy) said...

Sure pretty though. Wish we could get it.

just call me jo said...

Oh, my, that's serious snow. It is beautiful. (there...)

Ann Nichols said...

How beautiful. There is something really special about that first snow of the season.

Vee said...

Ugh. I really hope that this is just a fluke and not indicative of what your weather will be like throughout the remainder of autumn. I hate it when winter shows up early. Maybe it will be the impetus you need to organize Christmas??? Nah, there's just no way to put a good spin on this. Wait a minute! The dogs do look darling in their sweaters.

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

Hey Colleen! Love the dressed up pups!! We were supposed to get snow too but somewhere (THANK YOU GOD) it has missed us. I know it's coming soon enough, but the longer I can go without shoveling, the happier this camper will be :)
Thanks so much for your visit, I enjoy them so much!♥

sonya said...

Hello Colleen,
Thanks for visiting my blog! Go ahead a use the idea of a coin purse. I think I might have got the idea from Dawn but changed it a little.(Her ideas are better) But that's okay!
Brrrr, it sure looks cold there! We've had rain all week but it's given us a break today.
I looked at your profile list too and noticed you like Janet Evanovich. I do too. She's pretty funny.
Thanks again for stopping by, I hope you come back soon.
Your babies are adorable!

madrekarin said...

Seriously? I will gladly trade some of yoru snow for some of our still-here-and=-very-annoying summer weather! It's still in the 80s here. :( That should change by the weekend, but really, I am done with hot, humid weather. Give me a few snowflakes any day!
Stay warm. :)

Oh, my goodness. I am cracking up. My word verification is piebra. Ahahahahaha!

Sue said...

Beautiful, but too early no?

Our weather has actually warmed up
(had thunderstorms last night). Maybe your's will too.



Laurie said...

You're kidding!! Not already, I can't wait til Christmas, but Halloween and Thanksgiving first please!

Pearl said...

Oh man I could not help but laugh! Wow, could we please get Halloween done first? Watch your step and the kids look real cute.

Claudie said...

Hi Mrs. B...Colleen.
I haven't been here for a while, sorry. I must tell you that I LOVE the pups and their new "doo".
Now about that snow ; (
It's a blustery day here in Canada. Yesterday we had beautiful spring weather, better than fall I would say lol.
I have a good friend Claudia that lives in Salt Lake City, Utah, and she was telling me yesterday that the pass, what ever that is was full of the stuff.
Nice to catch up with you again.
That little Braxton always steels my heart away.
Love Claudie

Sweet Repose-Junk Revival said...

HOLY MOLY...that sent a chill right to the core, girl, you are NOT sending that East are you???!!!

It's so cold and blustery here today, better check the weather channel(on line)and see what's comin'! I feel so sorry for the dogs I have to take down really short this time of year...Scratchy's under the dryer as we speak...PU, stinky dog, once a week like it or not! That'll teach her to steal my chair!

Stay warm sista!


wendy said...

I love the first snowfall but I'm not ready for it yet! We've been having windy weather here and it is cooling down more but still not bad. Maybe the snow will melt by Halloween!!!

diane said...

Golly, that is real snow, already. Is pretty (cold) though.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Well the sweater photos are adorable. YOU HAD SNOW! I can't believe my eyes. No way was I expecting to see that.