Sunday, January 13, 2008

The week-end's over...

Wow. Just like that. Pffftt. Over.

I did go to a store I've been hearing about that's only open 2 days a week. It's called "Real Deals" and it's decorator stuff and pretties. They do have low prices, which they advertise on the radio.

I was a real big spender. I think I plopped down $6. I even had a "secret word" to tell them at the register to get an additional 15% off - which was kinda sad because the most expensive thing I got was $3.95.

I should have bought that little lovely table for $220.00 - 15% would have seemed sooo much bigger.

Anyway, I'm into birds lately. must be a 'spring thing' - or something. But here are 3 that I bought - and a sign that I couldn't refuse:

Kinda fun, huh?

Then I had asked to make dinner - something of a rarity for me. And Mr. B agreed -something of a rarity for him as well!

When I told him what 2 dishes I was making, he was less than enthusiastic. But, as they say, the proof is in the pudding. Here's the remains of the day:

Doesn't hold much in the"looks" category, but since it's just us, we usually don't bother dirtying serving dishes.

One was a poppy seed, chicken and sour cream casserole with Ritz crackers. The other is a pineapple casserole that also has Ritz crackers and cheddar cheeses. Tastes sooo much better than it sounds! It's really yummy.

I guess you could say "Tonight's diner is brought to you by...Ritz crackers - the versatile cracker"....well, you could....

Anyway, Mr. B loved them BOTH. The way you know he likes one of my new recipes is he says 'It's a do-again". Kind of like the Pope's blessing.....or the Godfather's......

So that was kind of my week-end in a nutshell. Other than the usual laundry, putting the rest of the Christmas up (can you believe that!) and taking the pups for a walk- just an ordinary, wonderful week-end.

Hope your was all that you wanted it to be.

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The Feathered Nest said...

Oh Colleen, you always make me laugh...pffft. just like that. It so describes the weekend, doesn't it! You crack me up! xxoo, Dawn

Pen Pen said...

Yep... pffft... just like that... sums it up! (except for when I have to work the weekend, then it drags by) I don't cook as much these days either. I've had the pineapple casserole before and my family loves it. It's got to be good if it has Ritz crackers in it!