Saturday, January 5, 2008

It's Saturday!

Hurray for Saturdays! The ending of a sorta icky week. This chest thing has stuck around a little too long now and I sound like a really sexy star from the 40's or a chain-smoker when I talk.

You know, that deep, throttly, sailor voice? And I rattle when I breathe..I keep myself awake! Poor Mr. B!

Saturdays mean various things at various stages of our lives. When I was a kid, my Father occasionally took me with him on Saturday carpenter jobs. We always stopped for coffee in some little coffee-shop where he knew some of the "regulars". He'd order me an Orange Nehi soda...a real treat back then.
We NEVER had pop in the house! And rarely Cool-Aid. It was always just milk or water and sometimes juice, but that was rationed out pretty carefully as well.

A few years ago someone I worked with heard that story and while she was skiing, saw this bottle in the snack bar and got it for me. Can't bring myself to open and drink it though...
In Junior High, Saturdays meant going "downtown" with
my best friend Rosie, to shop in the stores. (after she did her Saturday chores, like dusting and vacuuming, which I'd occasionally help her with...guess I didn't have any chores of my own...hmmmm)

Can you imagine, we didn't have "Malls" back then?? Weird, huh? Saturday nights were usually spent with one or the both of us babysitting. If nether were, we'd spend the night at one of our homes.

Then in High School, Saturday was the big "date night". Not that I was a big dater - or a big date - back then I was thin- but it was when a group of us would go to a dance, or a movie or such.

Marriage & motherhood - Saturdays took on a whole new meaning.

Me & Rosie..

Me & April & Andy... CARTOON DAY!
I could possibly sleep-in a little IF I had set the cereal and bowls and spoons out. They knew enough to get their own milk, thank goodness..

...And as we got older, there were Saturdays on long weekends that we could take a mini-trip to see the grandkids...we'd play all day on Saturday!

So, now, Saturdays are to be looked forward to at the end of a busy work-week. And to catch up on all those things we don't seem to get to during the work-week.

Ah well, retirement is only..............let's see.....364 Saturdays away......

After today, only 363!!


Have a good Saturday, OK?



Mickblog said...

I loved the blog entry about Dyslexia. I was just talking to a co-worker about this today!

Senior Bowler said...

YOur Saturday sound like mine..going to town was so cool..almost as good saving to go to the Parish (Louisiana does not have Counties) fair......remenber saving what you made in the summmer to go to the fair? Matching outfits with the love of your Blue Blue jeans and matching cool...

Before I went to town on Saturday wiht my girl freinds..I went fishing with POP...

Anonymous said...

363 Saturdays until retirement?? Omigosh...I just found another reason for being glad I'm older than you! Hope I'm around for your retirement party. Love ya, Betty

Pen Pen said...

Wonderful post! Love the memories! Happy Saturday to you!