Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I should remember, but....

...seems I always forget the “3 days coming” in the old adage your cold/illness will be “ 3 days coming, 3 days here and 3 days going” – I guess I figure if I’m feeling it now, I must not have noticed the “3 days coming” and so I count from there and if that was correct, I would only feel crummy for 6 days, which would have been yesterday according to my calculations – but I must have missed the whole 3-days coming thing so I guess I’ll be in for it for 3 more days because I’d still feel crummy.

But by Friday- I should be on top of it, right??

Yeah! Hello week-end!

OK, eyebrows. I have 2. Sort of.
Kind of thin .....the only thing besides my earlobes that can be called “thin” well, actually, now that I think of it, my hair is thin, my skin is thin, my lips are MUCH of me is thin! Hey, no more diets! A good percentage of me is thin!!

Back to eyebrows. Mine have 2 very different personalities.

The right one, from my point of view, the left one if you’re facing me, is all chipper and happy. Good posture. Kind of spirited. You know, all arched and everything.

Then there’s the left one (the one on your right)…depressed. On a downward spiral. Going nowhere.

I’ve tried coaxing it into shape only to have it droop under the pencil marks, looking rather like a conjoined twin to the top line…

If you split my face down the middle, I wouldn’t look like a good friend to the other side, none the less the same person.

Oh what to do.

In photos, I always look like I’m trying to be surprised when the angle is to my right..your left..
however, if it’s from the left..your right…I look mad.

Maybe that’s MY two personalities. Split.

Oh that’s not a good thing. Being 2-faced without even saying a word….

But I guess it’s better than having 2 different cheeks on my bum….

.....then I’d always be going around “half-assed”…..hahahahaha!

Go out there and give both of your eyebrows something to be excited about!!

PS - When I had the "uni-brow" they were the same....


madrekarin said...

Oh my gosh. You always make me laugh!! It does not matter which eyebrow I'm looking at, I still see that same beautiful face. From either direction.
Hope you feel beeter soon. At least by Friday.

Teacher -n- Training said...

That's the funniest thing I've read. I personally have one eyebrow that seems to be quite a bit older as it has begun to sprout 4-5 WHITE hairs. It wouldn't be so bad, buy my eyebrows are BLACK!!

Mary said...

Hope you feel better for the weekend - I've had a stinker of a cold too but am just about over it on this the 5th day - which is surprising!

You are just too funny about your looks - don't you know we are all different on the left from the right - we're just a bunch of asymmetrical gals.

Get well - take care.

Anonymous said...

Oh my little nut... you make me laugh. you are fine hun. I must be blind I can't tell anything is wrong. Maybe it is the meds you have been on=) Hope you feel better.

Pen Pen said...

It's Friday and I hope you are feeling better. Your post is too funny. I would have never noticed your different eyebrows, had you not pointed them out. I, too, have grays sprouting into mine, which makes me sick. Happy for the brow pencils!!!

Pearl said...

Chuckle out loud!!!