Saturday, November 21, 2009

Miracle in the desert...

Owen is safe. That part you know.

But that's just the 'end' of the story..

There's a lot more to this, and if you've doubts about prayer, courage, strength..

..about the stars and the heaven's alignment..

..about the kindness of strangers....and man's love of God's creatures..

..then you need to read no further.

Because this is the story of hope, answered prayers, and...


Everyone was supportive. Told Kathy he'd be found..he'd be safe..

Because that's what one says..even if one doesn't believe.....has doubts.

After all, one small city a place far away from his home..unknown terrain..

..what with coyotes, bobcats and all other dangers of the desert at night.

And it was now 3 nights..and 4 days..

No word..even the believers, the hopeful, were losing hope.

"It's really not very likely he'll be found alive..after one night out there.." some said {but all were thinking by now..}

But that's not the way it was supposed to be..not the way the story ends..

The reward posters were placed in the small town of Arivaca, in the bar/restaurant in Amado..
the mercantile, the library..

..given out at the elementary school where Larry substituted as a kindergarten teacher...

...the shelter in Green Valley..the border patrol one had seen him.

One small white large and dangerous desert..thousand of acres vs one flat-faced-butt-sniffin'-leg-lifter, with bottom-less brown eyes.. all spit and vinegar..

On the day we had all but given up hope, Kathy's cell phone rang. Bad reception.."wait, what?"

"I thi.. I ma..have fou.. your dog.."

The line went dead..the caller ID said simply "unknown"..

The phone rang again.."What? Where are you? What's you're number..give me YOUR number!?"

He gave the first 3 digits..then the line went dead...again.


It rang a third time..he quickly gave the LAST 4..Kathy ran into the house to use the land-line.

The voice on the other end said "I think we have him.."

4 1/2 miles. houses..then a small house..

..a man holding Owen..

Kathy screaming, crying, Gerri jumping. Owen was found. He's alive!

The man, now himself close to tears, is hugged by Kathy. He hugs back..then tells his story.

Seems he has a small, modest home. 4 dogs himself. Lots of barking - teenage daughter, pretty wife.

But for some reason, the barking at 2:30 Saturday morning was..well..different. The man thought he's just step outside and check..

A coyote was trying to get something under his car..what was it? His Great Dane was furious..barking..the coyote was growling..menacing..

He let the Great Dane out..he ran off the coyote.. the man looked under the car..

Now what is this? A small, white city dog? Out here? Wha??

The man took him inside. The little dog was wearing a collar with tags..and a phone number..a long distance phone number.

He couldn't call at that hour. He started to work on all the burrs, stickers and desert this little city dog had gotten himself into.

He continued to try to make Owen {he found his name was on his tag} comfortable..feed him and give him water..he gently groomed him, talked to him, for over 4 hours..

He called at 8am.

When Kathy & Gerri arrived, when the hugs and the tears and the laughter subsided..the man told the story...

.. no, he and his wife and daughter had not seen the flyers on a lost little white dog..they didn't know...

Kathy hugged him.. told him there was a reward..

"No, no..not necessary..I couldn't.."

Kathy gave him the reward. $500, just like the flyer had said. The flyer he had not seen..

The man appeared to be in shock..he couldn't believe it..he said "thank you - thank you...I don't..."

Like us all, he had been having a rough time ..Thanksgiving and Christmas were a worry..he has a daughter..and a wife..and little extra beyond the basics..

But not having extra money didn't stop him from opening his home, his heart....{.and 3 long distance phone calls!}

They hugged, cried and said good-bye.

Later, when Kathy's husband, Bruce was leaving to drive back to Lake Havasu..he stopped to thank the man and his family himself.

Bruce told the man he was Kathy's hero..thanked him again. The man looked at Bruce and said..

" are our hero..we didn't know if we were going to have a real Thanksgiving or Christmas this, thanks to Owen, we will.."

One small dog, one huge desert, one group of friends and strangers, one gracious God.

One happy ending...

Thank you for praying, thank "Ron " for calling..thank the people of Arivaca, thank God.

and thanks to the Great Dane..that coyote may still be runnin'..... :-)



Alyssa said...

You were right, Grammie. This is such a miracle, like something one would read in a Chicken Soup for the Soul kind of book. Thank you to Mr. Ron and his Great Dane for being Owen's guardian angels, and for their persistence. Thank Owen's tenacious nature (he really is part of the Sullivan clan). And thank God for this whole thing, for a safe pup, wonderful man, and generosity in every aspect of the story.

Bonnie said...

I'm so happy that your sister's sweet Owen was found! I would have been horrified if one of my sweet furry girls had been the one lost in the dessert!
God does, indeed, answer prayers.

Vicki/Jake said...

Oh Colleen....
The tears are really running now. Read my new post and you'll understand. I'm so, so happy that Owen was found and it turned out the way it did. For sure, things happen for a reason. And sometimes it's things that we don't understand. But oh, how awesome God is....And you, and Owen and the man, and....Casey, where ever he is....
Thanks for sharing this with us.

Joyce said...

Oh my dear Colleen! What an absolute MIRACLE!! And there couldn't be a better time of year for it! Thanks for sharing it with us... hugs to sweet little Owen!

Jan said...

The tears are flowing. God works in mysterious ways xxxx

Laurie said...

Oh Colleen, I'm just in awe right now. It's like Owen ran on a mission from God to bring hope to a family that had none. How God used this terrible time to bring light to someone elses life. It shows how faith, when one never gives up, can bring one full circle through the love of God. This is truly an amazing story. With tears flowing, I give thanks to God for bringing Owen home. For answering the prayers of so many people, for turning doubters into believers, and for protecting a little city dog with angels beyond belief. Owen, you are a hero. God, I can't begin to thank you enough for this wonderful Miracle. Allellujah!!! And AMEN

Irish Cottage Dreams said...

I am in joyful tears reading this... Things happen for a reason... Owen went on a big adventure and in the end gave a blessing to a family who needed it.
I am so glad he is found! God bless you all!


Unknown said...

OMG, I'm also in tears! And I agree that things happen for a reason and I ditto Laurie's comment... every single word!

Shari from Big Yellow Farmhouse said...

You are making me cry again, dearie - but they are HAPPY tears!! Praise God! What an amazing chain of events. This reminds me of the "His Mysterious Ways" features in Guideposts magazine. I'm so happy that your sister has her precious baby back and that the generous desert family has the boost they needed . . . and I'm thankful that you shared The Rest of the Story with us! Made my day!!

Jean said...

So happy everything turned out ok! Perfect story for this time of year especially. Jean

wendy said...

So glad everything turned out and ditto to Lauries comment.

Art by Darla Kay said...

Of all your great (and I mean GREAT) stories you share with us, this is my absolute favorite!!!!
I'm so glad Owen is home safe! What a blessing to all involved here♥

Anonymous said...

Owen's story spreads hope and love at a time when, for many, there doesn't seem to be very much. This truly is a Happy Thanksgiving story!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Thanksful, this is the story. I can't stop crying, this just makes me cry with the happiness of hope and prayers. I can't tell you how happy I am for them. That story is just how God works his miracles.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Is it okay with you if I post a link to this on my Thanksgiving post? I just love this story.

Karen said...

I'm bawling.

Lori R. said...

Now that you got us all crying, we just praise God for all the tight spots that lil' pup got in and out of. I bet his new name could be "Velcro Puppy". I bet he won't leave Kathy's side for a while. Actually can you imagine how tramatic that expedition must have been for that poor little pup. Thanks for sharing a beautiful story in your own Colleen way. In the right hands what a Hallmark movie that could make. GOD IS GOOD!

Julie said...

That is an amazing story. I am crying. That is .... A Christmas Story.

Heather said...

wow here sits me tears and all! I love this story. a true miracle.

Elizabeth and Gary said...

Oh happy day for all! Wonderful news and the reward couldn't have gone to a more deserving family. They called out of the kindness of their hearts.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving,

prashant said...

I would have been horrified if one of my sweet furry girls had been the one lost in the dessert!

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white o'morn cottage said...

What a wonderful story. Delighted it worked out so well for all. Fabulous!

Charmingdesigns said...

Oh my goodness. I KNEW there had to be a great story there somewhere!! So glad it ended well!

Pearl said...

God is good!! What an up lifting story I'm so happy for Kathy. Brought tears to my eyes, all the prayers worked of course. So sweet of the people that took him in and how brillant that they will have a wonderful Christmas all because of one little dog and a very generous owner. God bless you all. Hugs, Pearl

Launi said...

Oh, my...
I'm so happy for your sister, for you and all your family. Perhaps I could write a coherent comment--if I could just stop crying.

So much to be thankful for. Heavenly Father does hear our prayers even in this big, noisy world.

Thank you so much for posting this. I would love to share this story on my blog...

think about it.

So much love.

Anonymous said...

What a touching story.

Diana@DevineDesigns said...

So glad Owen's story had a happy ending! Who knew a little dog could be an answer to prayer? God is amazing, isn't He?

My brother lives in Scottsdale. Two years ago a coyote jumped their 8 ft. high cinderblock fence at 1:00 am to get their little min-pin Rex.

Rex had heard/smelled something out there and went thru the doggie door to investigate. Rex always thought he was a big dog . . . you know how little ones are.

Well, my brother and his wife heard blood-curdling cries from the back yard. He went out with a broom, she had a flashlight. Rex's cries had faded off into the darkness and they thought the coyote had taken him away.

But after some searching, they found him, still alive, by the gate. They took him to an emergency 24-hour vet hospital. The shaking Rex had endured had left him paralyzed and a couple days later, they had to put him down.

I'm so glad Owen did not meet the same fate with the coyote and is home safe with his loving family.

Stefany said...

This is a fantastic, wonderful, beautiful story. I am so glad Owen is safe.

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