Tuesday, July 13, 2010

OK, so what's better than...

..sitting in your backyard, visiting with neighbors, having Grandma Evelyn home and enjoying a breezy summer evening???

Huh?  Wanna guess??


alright, I tell ya.

It's listening to Paul McCartney. 

Not on the radio.

Not on TV or a video or a re-run of the 1964 Ed Sullivan show..which by the way, I remember like it was..OK, it was a long time ago.

Sunday night..me totally excited..Mother shaking her head..Daddy not paying attention, probably "resting his eyes.."

And my BFF Rosie liked Paul..so therefore I could not..{like we were ever going to meet them, or go on a "date"..hahhaha} but I had to choose another, 'cos, well she got to pick first..I ended up with George..

thought John was, eh..alright..

..and Ringo was just weird..

Hey, did you see he just turned 70?! And he looks better than he ever has..I wouldn't have thought he was a 70 year old man..{this coming from a 61 year old woman..go figure}

{would this be considered a "hubba hubba"?}

ANYWAY, we're sitting there in our backyard and Paul McCartney is like a half a mile away at our new soccer stadium, Rio Tinto (Red River in Spanish ) obviously an outdoor arena..and we can hear like it's well, in our back yard!

So we have the best seats, no crowds, no parking hassles.neighbors...and my Oatmeal Fruit bars!

It doesn't get much better than this...thanks, Beatles ..{oh, and PS,  Rosie..bet you never got within a half mile from Paul..heehee}




Lucy said...

I. AM. JEALOUS! I'd like even that close to Paul M. I like him. He was the one that I liked best out of the four. :)))

Lori R. said...

Wow, that is amazing.... and the best seats at the concert too!!!! Did you sing along like we did when we were kids? The Beatle songs were pretty easy to sing along with... looking back I remember my folks thinking and saying, "you call that music?" Now Beatles music is tame compared to some of the noise on the radio.

Vee said...

Now that's pretty cool. (I was not allowed to like any of the Beatles. I was a Monkees girl. ;)

I'm still laughing at your Shih Tzu sign in the header. Is it new? I need to pay attention.

diane said...

That must have been cool. Your evening looked nice and warm ours isn't. I love your accent he he .I had to laugh when they stopped singing when you stopped talking.

Life is good! said...

how nice of him to give you your own private concert in your backyard. oh and what a darling backyard you have. i'm checking to see if it is legal to have chickens here in murray cause i want some!

Laurie said...

Funny Colleen! I couldn't like Paul either because everyone else did, so I said I liked George. And everyone ewed. It was great. But really, I DID like George. And yeah Ringo did turn into a hotty! Loved the video, so cute! Great back yard, and how cool to hear your voice!! It totally goes with you!

wendy said...

Wow, how great was that!! I remember my sister and her friends sitting around looking at their ( Beatles) pictures in a magazine for teenagers at the time, and listening to their albums. We also watched them on Ed Sullivan! And yes I still listen to Beatles music!

imaginationlane said...

Oh that is awesome, Colleen! How cool for you! I'm turning sixty-three next week, but it might have been only yesterday that I gave my heart to Paul McCartney. When the Beatles came to Vancouver and my mum forced my brother to drag me along with him and his girlfriend, I was too dazzled to even scream! My first ever concert...I loved it. Can't think where all the years have gone since then!

I'm so glad you're enjoying my travel site. It was literally a dream come true. I have tons more pictures to post..every time I bring them out, I get all excited again...

I'm sure I'll talk to you again soon,


Sue said...

Colleen, I thought that was VERY cool! Could hear the concert abit and I'm sure you could hear it much better. Best seats totally! Loved seeing your backyard....another very cool! *smiles*

(George was my fave Beatle too, and I agree that Ringo really has aged well)



Just Breathe said...

I remember it well....and I agree Ringo looks great! Glad you had such a nice time.

Sam said...

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