Saturday, July 31, 2010

Hey...or haaaaayy

OK. so yesterday I showed some really silly stuff I did at

..but the site is really wonderful {and free. which makes it even more wONdeRfUl..} and has some cool effects..if you're as "photoshop-impaired" as I am..

Here's some of my family with the Sketch option..but go and look for yourself - there's a TON of fun there :-)

Ella Ireland
Emily Amanda
Alyssa Marie
Me & Larry
Braxton & Lulu
Lulu Belle

Emily Amanda
Brandi & Ella

So, go and play - it free and fun and fantastically entertaining!

-me and Mr. B...


Vicki said...

Ok, I'm going...need something to put a giggle in my day..

Thanks Colleen :}

Vee said...

I've played there before. I even posted a link there once upon a time a long, long time ago. It's also a mind-numbing waste of time, but therein lies its great appeal...such fun! Thanks for the reminder.

Vee said...

Oh forgot to say that I love the dreamy quality that you achieved with your grandgirlies' photos.

Just Breathe said...

I have to go check this out. The pictures are awesome. Thank you.

Life is good! said...

how fun and darling! it's gonna have to be easy for someone like me to do, but i'll give it a try! thanks for the info.

Emmy said...

What a fun website! I just might have to check it out ;)

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Hey, no fair! I'm supposed to be spending less time on the Net. And you go and link me to another play-spot! No fair!!!


Pearl said...

I'm on my way!! Thanks kid

Lori R. said...

that is just too cool. sounds like it can make a artist out of anyone!!!!

Laurie said...

On your suggestion Colleen, I've been playing with it now for hours! What fun, and the pictures really turn out awesome don't they?

Karen said...

Hi, Colleen. Thanks for your visit.
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Yes..Thanksgiving in Mexico will be good.
Have a great week.
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