Thursday, November 18, 2010

**Edited at bottom of post..There are many benefits for having children at a young age.. have grand kiddos that you have the energy and mental capabilities to keep up with..

And I am very grateful for that..

..and being able to not only be the Mother of your kids..but to really feel like they are friends..and be able to "play" together.

But there were things I missed..  or in I still do miss..


I really never played too much with dolls..and doll clothes.  I remember really wanting one of this doll wardrobe cases that have the clothes hanging bar and little plastic hangers..and drawers on the other side..remember?

My very last doll was Pollyanna..and oh how I did love her!

And, oh the scent of a new doll's head!  I love that smell.  I have been known to sniff doll heads in the toy isle of  K-Mart on more than one occasion..much to the chagrin of Mr. B...

So now it's near Christmas time and I have had an actual dream about getting a new doll..a baby doll.

I know, I know..but don't  start gettin' all  physco-bable on me.  I don;t want a baby ....just a doll.  I have seen those stories of those women who somehow think the baby dolls are real and carry on about them

Well, OK, so some people could say I am carrying on right now..but..ah..not so much.  Really. Seriously..I'm not..

It's just that I like baby dolls..and the outfits...and the cute expressions on their faces...

..but I can't justify spending money on one.  Hmm..
Silly, huh?

 I was sort of disappointed when I woke up this morning {not that I was disappointed that I did wake up, just to be clear..thank you Lord...}

But I really don't think I'm the only one..right? 

So, no Bratz...Cabbage Patch? Maybe...

What is it you want from your childhood that you feel you may have missed out on??



** OK...ewe!  I have been looking at those "life-like" dolls  and the women who think they are real..and have birthday parties with REAL kids for them..and EWE! 

I don't know whether it's sad..or sick..or just too much money and not enough sense....or all 4...

No, I want a soft-cute-not-real-looking-doll..

or an orangutan...

I'm just saying..



RH (aka Lucy) said...

I still have the first 'walking' doll I got at 6 years old. I pull her out of the cedar chest and smell her and all those memories come flooding back. Sadly, my daughter never liked dolls. She couldn't have been my REAL child. There had to have been a mix-up in the hospital. I loved them. I have many Nancy Ann Storybook Dolls. Most were my sisters and I got them when she died.

Laurie said...

When I was a kid, for 5 years I wished for a Bare Skin Baby. It was in the Sears catalog, and each year the first thing I did when the catalog arrived in the mail, was check the doll section to see if she was still there. I never got a Bare Skin Baby. To this day, I still regret I never got my wish. Santa let me down big time!!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I don't feel like I miss anything from my childhood but I do own one of those real life looking dolls. He is so precious and feels like a real baby. I spent a good amount on him. He sits in a corner in my office with a Halloween costume on.
My family doesn't like to see him out, they think I'm a little crazy!
He feels and weights like a little baby boy.

Vee said...

We have similar desires and NO, I want no psychobabble either. Good heavens! I'm going to try sniffing a doll's head just to see if I can creep John out. Ha!

Ming said...

Ahhh... what from my childhood did I miss? Based on this topic of dolls, and I loved playing Barbie when I was a little girl, I have to say.... every year when the Sears catalog arrived I put that ventriloquist doll on my wish list and never got him. ;( Charlie McCarthy and I were not meant to be. :-)

Mellodee said...

Thank Goodness for your P.S. The life-like dolls are seriously scary. They look like little Stepford Babies. Any one of them would seriously give me nightmares!!! This is a perfect example of BEING ABLE to do something, doesn't make it a good idea to ACTUALLY DO IT. I don't even like looking at photos of them! {SHUDDER, SHUDDER, ICK}

just call me jo said...

Whatever you want, my funny friend. I'll never tell you that counseling is in your future. If you were rational you'd never read my blog. You go, girl. I liked the comment from the lady who dressed hers up in Halloween gear and just has it sitting there freakishly. It's so warped. I just really like that.

Sharon said...

Oh you got me giggling. I remember my Nancy Walker doll. Then I was given a wedding doll with all these fancy outfits my mother made and put in this gorgeous hat box. I loved it so much BUT then my cat Blackie (who we all thought was a boy) decided to have a litter of kittens in my precious hat box. Oh my that was exciting.... But my very favorite doll was a cloth doll with a rubber head that I named Bubbles. I carried her everywhere and sometimes people thought my mother was terrible to let her 5 year old carry the newborn... We always giggled about that. I still have my dolls and I have a chest like you showed only mine is blue. I could never part with them. I hope you get your doll for Christmas. It is never too late. You don't need counseling either.

North of 25A said...

You have reminded my of one of my earliest internet obsessions. I always liked dolls, especially the dolls from the 1960, but once I discovered e-Bay it was ALL OVER.

Pearl said...

I liked Barbies to but what I wanted like you was a baby doll in the cabinet with hangers and clothes. Then one Christmas my sisters and I all received one! We were so excited and thats all we played with for years! lucky us. I hope you get your baby, I love dolls now too since I've gotten older :)

madrekarin said...

Somewhere on a shelf is a doll waiting for you- like the sock monkey in Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium who just wanted to hug Mutant.
If I could have one thing from my childhood it would be my Kissy doll. It made a kissing sound when you pressed her arms together. Mine had to be thrown away because I threw up on her- everywhere. You just don't get that smell out of doll hair, no matter how hard you try. :(

Gaston Studio said...

Nothing much from my own childhood but what I really missed out on was when my granddaughter was born and she wasn't really into dolls. I so wanted to make Barbie clothes like I did for her mother, and I never had the chance.

June said...

I never got my Shirley Temple doll, but from the looks of my dad's house, I did get every other doll in the world. And I loved them all abundantly. I'm so grateful that my daughters have loved their dolls as much as I loved mine. (And they did let me play with theirs too.) It's almost time to pack the dolls away here; I admit to faint-heartedness. Dolls inspire little people (and big) to play at love (and get really good at it). Get a doll!

Sue said...

There is nothing better than the smell of a new doll. It immediately transports me back to my childhood and every Christmas receiving a brand new doll for my doll family.

I totally understand you Colleen - I still collect dolls.


sonya said...

I love the smell of a new doll too! I've always loved dolls. We were poor when I was a child and I had always dremt of having my own porcelain doll but never got one...until I was an adult. The picture of the little baby in the red dress and red barrettes? I have her (Jasmine)! I LOVE her and so does my grandson. He wants me to get the monkey (picture above)for him. I think I might. Maybe. It's a lot of money for a doll for a 3 year old.:}
Thanks for sharing.