Friday, November 5, 2010

Got 4 minutes and 45 seconds??

..then watch this..

I guess I never really realized that I like to dance.  

I've always enjoyed watching..

But being married to a professional "no-I-do NOT-dance" dancer.. has always just been something I watch.

And I remember watching my Mother..she really loved to dance.  But living with major depression all of her life, it's not something she did often.

Not nearly often enough..

I've written before about watching my Mother and Daddy dance..and how they could seemingly not care too much for each other...until they were dancing.

Then they were fluid.  Magic. Perfect.  In love??

I'd sometimes catch my Mother being silly, dancing around doing the Cha Cha or the twist..

She's smile and look silly.

And I loved it.

And I didn't see it often enough.

And now, in Zumba, while we are exercising..we're.....dancing.

And  I'm learning the Cha Cha..

And I'm learning the Tango and the Samba ...and a little Hip Hop..

And I am smiling and looking silly.

And I'm doing it with Mother in my heart..

Mother, this is for you..



Ming said...

I am sure you mother is looking down with a glad heart to see you enjoying dancing so much....
I may look into this Zumba thing myself. Sounds like fun.

ain't for city gals said...

Colleen,,,sweet post. My mom and dad could stop traffic on the dance floor also...I loved to watch them dance...they still do at weddings and such but are just a little are 84 and 80 !!I am a good dancer when I dance with my dad..he makes it easy! I keep threatening to get my husband and I dance lessons for Christmas..maybe this is the year ! or maybe we can just find a zumba video..

Life is good! said...

how hard can dancing be- i mean if the penguins can do then shouldn't i be able to? NOPE. what a sweet story about your mother!

Jillian said...

Atta girl! Dancing is the BEST! :)

Sue said...

Loved your post Colleen. Dancing is definitely good for the soul. Unfortunately, when I tried to watch the vid, I got "an error occurred while processing"

Hope you have a great weekend


Laurie said...

Love it Colleen, so did my Chip,he cocked his head through the whole thing. I have most of these movies, makes me want to watch them again.

diane said...

Fantastic video, so well edited to the music and it just makes you wanna get up and dance. Like you I am married to a professional non dancer even though he is a musician. I loved dancing when I was young, even won a cha cha competition. My Dad was a terrific dancer. Mum reckoned she could only dance because she just followed my dad. I still haven't found a Zumba class close by....excuses!

Vicki said...

Now this one brought a little tear.
Doncha love the sweet memories...

Keep dancin my friend :)

sonya said...

Yes, keep dancing...and your Mother is not suffering from depression anymore and I know she is smiling all the time especially when YOU dance. So keep dancing girl.
I LOVE to dance too, but my hubby doesn't. So I dance with my 3 year old grandson.:)

Charmingdesigns said...

I enjoyed that video so much, but I enjoyed your story even more.

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

Thanks for sharing this Colleen! It instantly put me in a better mood today!!!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Colleen, what a sweet post. I use to dance but haven't in years. My husband and I didn't even have a wedding dance he is just like your husband. My mother and father loved dancing together but she too was depressed most of the years I knew her before she died. What an awesome video, some of my most favorite movies! Didn't even feel like 4 minutes and 45 seconds.
Thank you.