Monday, March 10, 2014

Good news for when you're feeling..old.

So, lately I have been looking & feeling old-er than I  have in a while.  Well, actually, I have never been this old

Well anyway. There are times when I look in the mirror and think I don't really look my age and am really surprised when I tell people I'm going to be a great-grandmother

I expect an audible gasp..rarely do I get one anymore.

Yet, when I think of people and how they looked when I was young-er ..I think about 65 year old women looking like, well Aunt Bea from Mayberry..

Or Aunt Jemima from... pancakes..

{actually, she does look pretty good}
Well..certainly not like these...

 {Me 64, Gerri, 70, Kathy, 71, Ella 8 }

{Kathy 71, Me 64, Emily 13, and April (who's going to be a GRANDmother in July, 45}

 Thing is...Aunt Bea was 61 when she lived in Mayberry.   SIXTY-ONE!

I have no idea how old Aunt Jemima was....

So..look in that mirror and smile..head's up, and know we are getting better and well as older and older.

And even at that..remember...that is a privilege denied to many.



Elizabeth said...

We do seem so much younger than women our age did years ago. I think it is the attitude and and way of dressing, look at how young Aunt Bea's skin was,no wrinkles or lines!

Laurie said...

Elizabeth is right, I look at photos of women in our family 1 and 2 generations ago, and they looked so much older than their age. I thinks you are aging beautifully Colleen! Great Gramma and all! By the way, welcome to the club!!!

Wanda said...

Heaven to Betsy...Aunt Bea 61...Yikes I'll be 73 May 1st.

But you gals look terrific ~ Age is just a number. There are days I feel 25 and others 85...but every days a bonus to I'm going to smile, and dance and wear a lot of make up..HaHa.

Loved your post. Come visit me some time so we can grow old together. (Giggle)

I came over from Linda's Blog.

Little Penpen said...

That's some great looking sisters in those pic's!! And you all seem to have so much fun! I love your sense of humor.

Karen said...

My motto is, you're as young as you want to be. I'm sure a generation or two ago, there wasn't a 53 year old woman doing the Spartan Challenge - but I did and it made me feel like a youngster! So just keep on what you're doing and enjoy life no matter how old you are! And enjoy that great-grandbaby!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love this post and just came over from Wanda's. I think in the movie Mrs. Doubtfire she is supposed to be dressed like a 60 year old woman! OH MY! I'm in my 60s and hope I look better than that! heehee! You all look marvelous! Hugs!