Sunday, March 13, 2011

Meet new grand-Puppy..

Have you ever gotten a call and thought.."they really don't need another mouth to feed right now" ?

That's what I was thinking when Ella called me to tell me "Grammie, you've got another Grand-Dog!"

I tried not to let my feelings show in my voice..after all, she's only 7 and doesn't need to hear her Grammie being all  judgemental or stuffy ..

"Oh, tell me all about it a boy puppy or a girl puppy? What's it's name?.."

"it's a girl..named Mia..and she has..water on the brain.."


" It makes her head kinda look big..Mommy will tell you more.. I really loooove her....she is soooo sweet..."

Mia is a 2 year old chihuahua..She has Hydrocephalus, which is water on the brain.

She was scheduled to be euthanized when a lady said she'd foster her until someone could {would?} adopt her..but the chances of that really seemed pretty grim..

Through Brandi looking to purchase dog toys on Craig's list..she was introduced to the woman she was fostering Mia..and found out the woman, who had great intentions, really wasn't ready to give Mia the care she deserved..

Mia was put in the bathroom all day while the woman worked..alone and broke Brandi and Johnny's hearts to see her have that lack of quality for her life..not knowing how long that life would be..

They discussed it between themselves..told Ella what could a few months..or a few years..

..slept on their decission..

..and brought Mia home Friday night.

Introduced her  to Marley {mini pincher} and Chloe..{ mini mutt} and made both of them look like GIANTS!

They instinctively took to her and are very careful with her..somehow they do know..and Mia is loving all the attention.

Happy matter how long 'ever-after' is..

I am proud of them, the commitment to this teensy (less than 2 pounds} of much-needed-love-pup.

It will be a tough go, and when Mia is finished with her work will be hard to say 'good-bye'..but her little life will be full of love and comfort with Johnny, Brandi, Ella, Marley and Chloe.

And that's what counts.

"Welcome to our world, Mia.."

Thank you little family of mine.  I am so happy for you!



Lucy (aka rharper) said...

Poor little pup. Adorable. Lucky for her that her world will be filled with love and comfort now. Makes me teary just reading this post.

Vee said...

Misty-eyed again. Sigh. I know that little Ella is going to be a wonderful mama. Just look at her loving on Mia!

Life is good! said...

ohhhh, how sweet. i hope her days are long with your sweet family. what tender lessons your grand daughter will learn. i'm gonna bet mia is one spoiled dog already!

Ming said...

Did you know that 'Mia' in Gaelic means "one lucky and loved dog"? I am sure that not only has Mia's life been saved but so has the lives of Johnny, Brandi, Ella, Marley and Chloe too. Mia will bring so much to them as well.

Thanks for sharing the 'new mouth to feed'.

Laurie said...

I'm so touched by Mia's story, and the love your family is giving her. What an adorable little dog. I love Ella's little laugh!

Joyce said...

IT'S so nice to hear good things for a change!


I am in tears reading this but how lucky that darling little pup is to have you. You are an angel. xx

Vicki aka Jake said...

Just watching the video, I can tell Mia knows she's loved....
Takes special people to do this. You've taught them well Colleen.

Pearl said...

Oh Mia you stole my heart, what sweet hearts for taking Mia in and such a blessing for this little creature of God. I love this story because it's a happy ending for Mia.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Well she is one lucky puppy to have a family who loves her. She is so cute.

diane b said...

You can tell that family were brought up by caring loving parents. You have passed on your caring genes.It is fun to listen to your American accents on the video.I guess my grandson will talk like that when he starts.

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Oh, bless them! I am sure that their love will be very comforting and healing to little Mia. Twyla

Sherry Goodloe said...

thank you for such a wonderful story of love and compassion you have shared with all of us. i just want to reach through the computer screen and give each and everyone a big hug this morning! xo

Jennie said...

Colleen,how lovely a story but so bittersweet to think such a little angel would ever have to suffer. Sounds like this one is so very lucky to have found a forever home.

Jennie and the Pekes (plus Mom's Chi)

lifeinredshoes said...

One of the most heart warming things I've heard in a long time!

Kim~HomeIsWhereTheHeartIs said...

Mia is so sweet and blessed to be in a wonderful family!

freebird said...

Oh how wonderful. I wish we could take care of every animal and every person in the world. At least this one gets it's chance.