Thursday, March 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Buddy!

Today is my very first grandson's birthday.

And his name is not 'Buddy'..but that's what I have called him... for years.

24 to be exact.  Today Brian is 24..on the 24th.

Hey, I was 6 on the 6th once.  Guess we all have that once in our lives..

Not that you were 6 on the 6th..but you were your age on your birthday.

Wait, we were all our age on our birthday..that's not what I meant.

I mean, up until the age if 31..we have all had out birthday year match the day of the month...

So, unless there are 62 days in some month..I think we should stop counting birthdays at 31..

I think I may need more sleep..math at 5am is just not my forte..{nor is it at any hour of the day..}

I think I may have just blown a gasket in my brain..sooo much thinking sooo early.  I may have used up all my brain power for the day..

So Happy Birthday Brian.  You've been a pure made my heart expand to sizes I never imagine it could..

I couldn't be more proud of you..yet each passing year I seem to be.

You were a delightful baby..amazing toddler..a sweet little boy..a very respectful teenager and now a strong, smart, handsome young man.

You bring me such hope for the generation in which you will be leading this country in..

And your Grandpa and I love you more than you can even fathom.

Always have..always will.

-me  aka Grammie

ps..if 'Grammie' sounds a little can call me G-ma..or Gram..or even Grandma.  But I will always call you 'Buddy'...or Bud..or even Brian..


Lucy (aka rharper) said...

I was 11 on the 11th. I guess if you were born on the 32nd of some month, you're outta luck. And what a great looking guy Brian is. He'll probably read all of these wonderful comments about him. Very blessed!

diane b said...

happy Birthday Buddy, Brian. I can see why you are bursting with pride. He's tops. I was 24 on the 24th once, but not this month.

just call me jo said...

We call my grandson Rick, "Rooster." And I always will. (luckily he's not yet 6) I'm sure Buddy loves being your buddy. He looks like a dandy young man. I think you're lucky to have each other. Happy birthday, young man. You have a great Grandma--not a Great Grandma like grandmother of your mother but terrific (great) like--terrific. (Colleen, you're not the only one who's blown a brain gasket.)

ain't for city gals said...

I too have great hope for this future genereation! There are a lot of wonderful young people out there! All pretty much comes back to "we get what we sow" (sp? a little credit had a big part of this boy!

Muffy's Marks said...

Happy "Golden" birthday, Brian.

A Wild Thing@Sweet Repose said...

My 23 year old Grandson calls me G-mom, they call him J-Rod(Jerid)(I'm not even going there)...and his birthday was 1-1-11 this year, my brothers' was 1-11-11...I was born on Labor Day...nuff said...!

the wild thing...s

my word verification is 'dextr'...who the hell is 'dextr' and when was he born???

Vee said...

The size of your heart shows with this one! Happy birthday to your grandson. (Say, I was once his age on that date.)

Laurie said...

Happy Birthday to Buddy Brian! I too remember being 22 on the 22nd, and I'll go with no longer having birthdays after 31, I can stay that age forever! Have a great math-less day Colleen!

Anonymous said...

♥Love your blog♥

just call me jo said...

You crack me up too, lady. I'm quite sure we are related...I loved the Russian, Rushing stuff. hahahahsnortsniff

Pearl said...

Happy Birthday Brian!!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Happy Birthday Brian!
I was 3 on the 3rd once.

cathycan said...

I think Buddy is an ageless nick-name, you can call him that forever!

eef said...

Tell Buddy "happy birthday" for me!

I'm going to be 25 on the 25th (tomorrow!) =]

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Happy Birthday to the young man!

but... -chcukle- With that name of Buddy, the first pic made me think you were wishing HB to the cute doggie, with the young man. :-)

♥ Gentle hugs ♥

Vicki aka Jake said...

Awww, I can feel the love...happy happy Buddy, enjoy your 24th on the 24th. I was one on the oneth :) many moons ago. And this year I'll be that plus 60 on 11-1-11. Ha, it's all a numbers game...