Tuesday, January 2, 2018

So...how do you know when oranges are good?  I think it's Sooo disappointing when you get a big ol' navel orange thinking it's going to be really sweet aaaand..nope

If I was in marketing, I would have sampling of the oranges. If I was sure I'd get a sweet one, I'd buy a bag full. But if I don't know...I'm probably not going to buy one, take it home and if it's good, go back...no. I won't. And you? What do you do??  Have I I mentioned that I loooove sweet oranges?


Little Penpen said...

Hello Old friend!!! I was happy to see a post from you. I think I bought a bag of those same oranges... they almost burned with bitterness. ha ha I love a good orange too. Happy New Year!

Ming said...

Well hello and happy new year Colleen, how nice to 'hear' from you... I, myself, love clemintines... always good but only available at certain times of the year. Orange you glad I told you?

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

Oh my gosh - that happened to me just yesterday - but there were good and bad ones within the same bag!