Monday, November 28, 2011

Sorry guys..I've broken my body..

yeppers...I fell on the steps and broke my rib..and hurts!

When I fell, somehow I fell on my side and the step went into my knee wrenched and it was a slow-moving Thanks-mas..

I will catch up with you all as I can.  I've missed you!  So, in the's a glimpse of our celebration..and we were all very thankful..for safe travelers..for good health..for only 1 rib {!}  and for all of you..

Hope you're all well and that you had a fabulous Thanksgiving!

In these photos: daughter April, her husband, Chris, daughter Emily and son, and my sister Gerri..and.. & Mr. B...

Sweet dreams and I'll be by to visit each of you soon :-)


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Me: Do you spend ALL your time on Pinterest? Other Me: ALL...

{guess it's pretty bad when you talk to yourself..and even worse when you text to yourself, huh?}

So, I got one of these:

..on sale..$3.97..but it was too thin..then I remember I had some of these:

..and thought I'd like to try to make something I saw on Pinterest: I did. because, you know I have a lot of these:

..but then I said to my little helper {who is battling allergies and scratching!}

"Braxton, what are those Arizona ladies going to keep their ears warm this Thank-mas??"

So he says...

"ear warmers!"

So I said, "like these?"

.and he said "sort of.."

So I got busy...

and made a bunch..out of a $3.00 too-short sweatshirt, some red felt, a purple jacket that was about 10 years ago..

...and with my very limited sewing have a way to keep everyone's ears warm :-)

Well, at least the girls..maybe the guys, but I think probably not.

So, what have you learned on Pinterest this week??

{those are all T-shirt strips! Really..}

Monday, November 14, 2011

Have you ever asked yourself the really hard questions...

..the ones that are a mystery of life??

 Like... come I don't know how long my arms are? or..

how do they get all those photos from New Jersey to my home in Utah..through. the. air???

..and if mine are in the air, how many others' are? And do they bump into mine? Or are some floating off..and if so..where..??

Well, you can see how my mind has been so busy.  And some questions come out of, well, kinda nowhere. 

OK, they come out of things I read on Pinterest..

I read that you can spray your car windows with a mixture of vinegar and water and this will prevent ice and snow from sticking..

..and living in Utah, well that could be quite handy..

Sounds good..but I got to thinking..why doesn't the vinegar freeze? I know alcohol doesn't freeze, but why not vinegar?  Is it made of alcohol?  What exactly is it made of/

I have heard that when wine goes bad, it can turn to it from grapes? And so if vinegar goes bad..does it turn to alcohol?

Is there a vinegar plant? Is it from trees? Or from a vegetable?

So, I go look on the vinegar label..and the ingredient list is short..

"100 % distilled vinegar"


My questions go unanswered..

So if any of my photos bump into yours, just send them my way.and I'll do the same.

I've gotta sign off now. Found a tape measure and I'm going to measure my arms..and try to find that vinegar plant..

PS..I just love spell check..I just found out I spelled "alcohol" 3 different ways and "vinegar" 2 different ways..all in the same post..?!

Ah well..have a good Monday, OK?


Sunday, November 6, 2011

My my my... can I be on the computer sooo much, and not get back to visiting all of you?

One word: Pinterest

but, oh, how I love it.  Someone said it's like getting a new magazine every day..'cos we all know we do love the photos, right?

So today, after Zumba, and before Mr. B decided to take his Mom and I to Texas Roadhouse for a late lunch..

I tried something I had heard about but was a little nervous to try..

Spinach Smoothies :-)

Yep, you read that, leafy, fresh spinach..well, OK, along with a banana and a handful of grapes and a shot of sugar-free pancake syrup..and Greek yogurt and a splash of Almond milk..

..but was it ever good!  A little crushed ice..thick and creamy

But ya know..there's the drink, grasshoppers, and mint ice cream..and mint juleps..{don't know if they are really green..but maybe..?}

So, my suggestion? Try it.  High in protein, low in fat & sugar, it's sort of a super-food.

And, it's super-good..

Oh..ans I do believe it would be even bertter if it were made in this rockin' retro blender!